Mission & Vision


The mission of Stockton’s Essential Learning Outcomes initiative is to offer students learner-centered opportunities to acquire Stockton’s ten Essential Learning Outcomes. These opportunities for developing competence with practical skills, intellectual abilities, and marketable talents exist in the variety of liberal arts and major program courses at Stockton as well as the wide-variety of co-curricular experiences designed to support the student learning necessary for personal and professional success in the 21st century.


Through the Essential Learning Outcomes initiative, Stockton students will graduate with the ability to display and reflect on their learning and to confidently demonstrate the competence they have acquired. During their college years, students develop the skills for lifelong learning and accomplishment, including responsible global engagement, effective communication, creativity, and the problem-solving skills necessary for educated professionals in their chosen fields of study.

Initial Implementation Steering Committee, 2015-2017:

  • Carra Hood, Chair
  • Peter Baratta
  • Susan Cydis
  • Susan Davenport
  • Emari DiGiorgio
  • Jacob Feige
  • Sonia Gonsalves
  • Amy Hadley
  • Peter Hagen
  • Jonathan Heck
  • Diane Holtzman
  • Claudine Keenan
  • Heather McGovern
  • Dee McNeely-Greene
  • Shelly Meyers
  • Bill Reynolds
  • Walter Tarver
  • Daniel Tome
  • Joe Toth
  • Joe Trout
  • Cheryl Vaughn-Jones