PEP bannerThe Political Engagement Project, PEP, is part of the national, multi-campus American Democracy Project (ADP). The aim of PEP and ADP is to foster life-long engaged citizenship, a crucial component of a thriving democracy.

The Stockton faculty and staff members of PEP are (alphabetically):

Faculty Co-Chairs: Claire Abernathy and Jennifer Forestal

Staff Co-Chair: Daniel Fidalgo Tomé

Administrator Representation: Peter Baratta, Dan Douglas, Lisa Honaker, Carra Hood, Claudine Keenan, Michael Klein, John Smith, Lolita Treadwell, Jeff Wakemen

Faculty Representation: Lauren Balasco, David Carr (Emeritus), Richard Colby (Emeritus), Lauren DelRossi, John Guers, Michael Hozik (retired), Kristin Jacobson, Bill Santamore, Linda Wharton, Tina Zappile

Staff Representation: Joseph Argueta, Patrick Burns, Kevin Coopersmith, Pat Fazio, Darya Hrybava, Erin O'Hanlon, John Froonjian, Dianne Stalling, Diana Strelczyk

Community Partners: Travis Love

Students: Anthony Farfalla, Bryan Gonzalez-Mejia, Jessica Paszko, Sparkle Prevard, Bill Watt


For more information about political engagement at Stockton, please view the 2016 National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement Campus Report 

This report presents voting data among Stockton students in 2016