Student Affairs Leadership

Executive Staff

Dr. Christopher Catching

Dr. Christopher Catching, Vice President for Student Affairs  

609-652-4724 | D-116
Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis, Assistant Vice President, Inclusion and Wellness/ Dean of Students

609-652-4803 | CC-243
Craig Stambaugh

Craig Stambaugh, Assistant Vice President, Engagement and Community Development

609-652-4717 | CC-243
Dr. Walter Tarver III

Dr. Walter Tarver III, Assistant Vice President, Student Transitions, Access and Retention 

609-652-4804 | CC-243
Dr. Haley Baum

Dr. Haley Baum, Assistant Dean of Students, Atlantic City

 609-761-1235 | AC Campus
Laurie Griscom

Laurie Griscom, Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Event Services and Campus Ctr Ops

609-652-4731 | CC-241
Dr. Steven Radwanski

Dr. Steven Radwanski, Executive Director of Residential Life

609-652-4915 | A-100


Program Directors

Dr. Jason Babin

Dr. Jason Babin, Director, Military and Veteran Services

609-626-3419 | F-107
Dr. Terri Carr

Dr. Terri Carr, Director, Career Education and Development

609-652-4650 | CC-104
Laurie Dutton, LPC, LCADC, ACS

Laurie Dutton, LPC, LCADC, ACS, Director, Women's Gender and Sexuality Center

609-626-3611 | F-103
Amy L. Jones

Amy L. Jones, Director, Care & Community Standards

609-652-4691 | F-107
Brett Pulliam

Brett Pulliam, Executive Director, Educational Opportunity and Success Programs

609-652-4647 | F-109
Kim McCabe

Kim McCabe, Director, Student Affairs Communications

609-652-4866 | D-116
Jennifer Forman Radwanski

Jennifer Forman Radwanski, Director, Parent and Family Partnerships

609-652-4421 | CC-241
Dr. Ana Rodriguez

Dr. Ana Rodriguez, Director, Student Transition Programs

609-652-4877 | D-116
Jeffrey Wakemen

Jeffrey Wakemen, Director, Student Development

609-652-4986 | CC-240

Staff Members

Jhanna Jean-Louis

Jhanna Jean-Louis, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs 

 609-652-4225  | D-116