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Woodbine timeline of immigration from 1880 to 1891
1880 - 1891
Woodbine timeline from 1892 to 1900
1892 - 1900
Woodbine timeline from 1900 - 1920
1900 - 1920
Woodbine timeline 1920 to 1945
1920 - 1945
Woodbine timeline from 1945 to 1970
1945 - 1970
Woodbine timeline from 1970 to 2003
1970 - 2003
Small-town Woodbine bustles with big-town arts and activities
Woodbine Culture
As the pioneers disappear, Woodbine changes forever
What was it like to live here back then?
What was it like?
Violent mobs terrorize Jews, forcing them to flee Russia
Leaving Russia
The Baron and others want the immigrants 'Americanized'
For H. L. Sabsovich Woodbine was a dream come true
H. L. Sabsovich
Woodbine becomes America's first self-governed Jewish community
Jewish Community
Baron de Hirsch becomes 'The Moses of the New World'
Baron de Hirsch

My Views On Philanthropy
- Baron de Hirsch

In Woodbine, sports are in the same league as education
Woodbine Sports
Students find an answer: 'Farming for Jews in the New Land'
Farming for Jews
The town's busy shops become a center for community life
Business Life
From the first day, Woodbine was one-of-a-kind
Farming Community
Factories help families make ends meeet
To create Woodbine, the trustees plan every detail
Planning Woodbine
A former factory worker becomes Woodbine's biggest employer
Joseph Rabinowitz
Settlers and trustees clash in the year of 'The Trouble'
The Year of 'The Trouble'
The Machine and Tool Company proves Woodbine's not a one-industry town
The Machine and Tool Company
Building a community, they form a 'brotherhood' to help one another
The Brotherhood
Would you sit down here, or up in the balcony?
People pray, learn and gather in Woodbine's biggest synagogue
The Synagogue
Look for two lions guarding the Ark
The Ark
Everyone pitches in to build Woodbine's first synagogue
Everyone Pitches In
Here's where they read the Torah
The Torah
See the six-pointed star?
The Star
Woodbine opens America's first secondary agriculture school
America's First
The Agriculture School closes... then re-opens as a state institution
A State Institution
At 27, Sam Azeez revolutionized the stock market
Sam Azeez
For Jacob Kotinsky, education was the key to success
Jacob Kotinsky
Gregory Pincus helped invent the first birth-control pill
Gregory Pincus
Eugene Feldman combined business, teaching and art
Eugene Feldman
Jacob Lipman, a famous soil chemist, got his start here
Jacob Lipman
Henry DeCinque piloted construction of Woodbine's airport
Henry DeCinque
Nathaniel Rosenfeld Founder of Dumont Aviation
Nathan Rosenfeld
Stanley Goldstein founder and publisher of Levittown Life Newspaper and Publisher of Televiewer Philadelphia's Television Monthly
Stanley Goldstein

Will you be next?

Woodbine families see education as the surest road to success
Road to Success

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