David Hernandez - Choose Stockton

David Hernandez

David Hernandez

Class of 2024
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Hudson, New Jersey

Why did you choose Stockton?

I chose Stockton for its affordability and the opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life. 

How did you choose your major?

I chose my major because my mom was also a Criminal Justice major. I thought I should follow in her footsteps as she is an inspiration to me. 

What have you gotten out of your academic program so far?

I've gained a vast knowledge of our legal system and the overall structure of prisons and jails. I've also gained a lot of connections through professors who used to be police officers and state troopers. 

What other opportunities have you had at Stockton?

I've had the opportunity to join the Kappa Sigma fraternity, which has changed my life for the better by allowing me to be part of something bigger than myself. I’ve found my best friends, who I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money; found my girlfriend, who is the love of my life; and I know I'm surrounded by people who genuinely love and care for me. My best college memories come from the people I’ve met and places I’ve been to with Kap Sig. 

What are your career goals? 

A part of me has always wanted to be a New Jersey State Trooper. Growing up, my stepdad was and still is a correctional officer for Hudson County. Growing up with that just set an example for me of how to live life, what I should think and how I should act. I had Professor (William) Dineen my junior year, who is a retired state trooper, and his Intro to Forensic Science class was by far my favorite. His anecdotes, knowledge of terms and everything we studied were amazing. 

What advice do you have for students thinking about attending Stockton?

My advice for students thinking about attending Stockton is to be selfish: put your needs first and think about what is best for you. Know the value of your own needs because no one else is going to go to class for you or stay up studying and doing homework late at night. No one else is taking the stress of college life but you – not your mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, etc. You’re setting up your own future, and it’s your name on the diploma, no one else’s.