Faculty and Staff

School of Arts and Humanities Dean's Office Staff


Lisa Honaker

Lisa Honaker, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities; Professor of Literature

609-652-4505 | K-150
Rosa Perez-Maldonado

Rosa Perez-Maldonado, Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Humanities

 609-652-4505 |  K-150

Dean's Office Staff

Pat Cocozza

Pat Cocozza, Professional Services Specialist 4

Vic Conover

Vic Conover, Liaison for Curriculum and Academic Support (Professional Services Specialist 4)

Brian Lyons

Brian Lyons, Program Assistant

Madeline Perez

Madeline Perez, Professional Services Specialist 3

Deanna Tumas

Deanna Tumas, Assistant Supervisor 3


Africana Studies Faculty


Donnetrice C. Allison

Donnetrice C. Allison, Professor of Communication Studies and Africana Studies

609-652-4721 | C-118
 Patricia Reid-Merritt

 Patricia Reid-Merritt,  Distinguished Professor of Africana Studies and Social Work, DSW

609-652-4609  |  K-117
Wilbert St.Hilaire

Wilbert St.Hilaire, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies


Performing Arts Faculty

Christopher Di Santo

Christopher Di Santo, Associate Professor of Music

609-626-6832 | L-106
Beau Hancock

Beau Hancock, Assistant Professor of Dance

 609-652-4557 | K-132
Aaron Moss

Aaron Moss, Assistant Professor of Theatre/Directing

 606-626-3146 | K-126
Caitlin Pittenger

Caitlin Pittenger, Associate Professor of Dance

609-626-5512 | K-131
David Reiser

David Reiser, Assistant Professor of Theatre

609-626-6026 | C-139
Rain Ross

Rain Ross, Associate Professor of Dance

609-626-6856 | K-112
Beverly Vaughn

Beverly Vaughn, Professor of Music 

609-652-4264 | L-108

Visual Arts Faculty

Chung-Fan Chang

Chung-Fan Chang, Associate Professor of Art (Foundations)

609-652-4942 | AS-237
Jacob Feige

Jacob Feige, Associate Professor of Art

609-626-6064 | AS-224
Michael McGarvey

Michael McGarvey, Professor of Art

609-652-4422 | AS-226
Jedediah Morfit

Jedediah Morfit, Associate Professor of Art (Sculpture)

609-652-4637 | AS-123
Kate Nearpass Ogden

Kate Nearpass Ogden, Professor of Art History

609-652-4406 | AS-225
Mariana Smith

Mariana Smith, Associate Professor of Art (Printmaking)

609-652-4670 | AS-125
C. Hannah Ueno

C. Hannah Ueno, Professor of Art

609-652-4215 | AS-236
Wendel A. White

Wendel A. White, Distinguished Professor of Art & American Studies

609-652-4420 | AS-126

Communication Studies Faculty

Donnetrice C. Allison

Donnetrice C. Allison, Professor of Communication Studies and Africana Studies

609-652-4721 | C-118
Christine Farina

Christine Farina, Professor of Communication Studies

609-626-6836 | K-128
Joe’l Ludovich

Joe’l Ludovich, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Advisor and General Manager to WLFR 91.7

609-626-3474 | K-111
Christina M. Morus

Christina M. Morus, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

609-626-6874 | F-239
Jeremy Newman

Jeremy Newman, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

609-626-6865 | L-109
Toby Rosenthal

Toby Rosenthal, Teaching Specialist, Communication Studies

609-626-3167 | K-118
James JinGuo Shen

James JinGuo Shen, Professor of Communication Studies

609-652-4511 | F-135
Xu Song

Xu Song, Associate Professor of Communication Studies (Public Relations)

609-626-3510 | K-114
Suya Yin

Suya Yin, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

609-652-4975 | H-202e

Historical Studies Faculty

Robert Gregg

Robert Gregg, Dean, School of General Studies; Professor of History

609-652-4542 | J-102
Michael Hayse

Michael Hayse, Associate Professor of History and Holocaust and Genocide Studies

609-652-4659 | F-125
William Lubenow

William Lubenow, Distinguished Professor of History

609-652-4436 | J-207
Michelle McDonald

Michelle McDonald, Chief Academic Officer, Atlantic City Campus & Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Tenured Associate Professor of Atlantic History

609-626-3529 | K-201
Kameika Murphy

Kameika Murphy, Assistant Professor of Atlantic History

 609-652-4640 | K-124
Sharon A. Musher

Sharon A. Musher, Associate Professor of History

609-626-5511 | C-110
Robert Nichols

Robert Nichols, Professor of History

609-626-6036 | B-113
Tom Papademetriou

Tom Papademetriou, Professor of History; Constantine & Georgiean Georgiou Endowed Professor of Greek History; Director, The Pappas Center for Hellenic Studies

609-626-6093 | C-120
Laura Zucconi

Laura Zucconi, Professor of Historical Studies

609-626-3527 | H-252

Languages and Culture Studies Faculty

Maria Castillo

Maria Castillo, Instructor of Spanish

609-626-3577 | F-236
Arnaldo Cordero-Román

Arnaldo Cordero-Román, Associate Professor of Spanish

609-626-6048 | K-119
David King

David King, Associate Professor of French

609-652-4478 | H-202c
Gorica Majstorovic

Gorica Majstorovic, Professor of Spanish

609-626-5566 | F-137
Kory Olson

Kory Olson, Associate Professor of French

609-626-3579 | H-253
Katherine Panagakos

Katherine Panagakos, Assistant Professor of Classics; AFGLC Professor of Greek Culture

609-652-4618 | H-250
David Roessel

David Roessel, Professor of Greek Language and Literature; Associate Director, The Pappas Center for Hellenic Studies

609-652-4474 | H-202g
F. Javier Sanchez

F. Javier Sanchez, Associate Professor of Spanish

609-626-3574 | C-119

Literature Faculty

Emily August

Emily August, Associate Professor of British Literature

609-652-4636 | K-137
Deborah Gussman

Deborah Gussman, Professor of American Literature

609-652-4657 | F-131
Adalaine B. Holton

Adalaine B. Holton, Associate Professor of Literature

609-652-4594 (email preferred) | C-115
Lisa Honaker

Lisa Honaker, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities; Professor of British Literature

609-652-4505 | K-150
Kristin Jacobson

Kristin Jacobson, Professor of Literature

609-626-5581 | F-243
Cynthia Arrieu-King

Cynthia Arrieu-King, Associate Professor of Creative Writing

609-626-6089 | J-109
Thomas Kinsella

Thomas Kinsella, Professor of Literature, Director of the South Jersey Culture and History Center

609-652-4419 | H-202h
Nathan Long

Nathan Long, Professor of Creative Writing

609-652-4887 | H-246
Adam Miyashiro

Adam Miyashiro, Associate Professor of Literature

609-626-6020  |  F-213a

Philosophy and Religion Faculty

Rodger L. Jackson

Rodger L. Jackson, Professor of Philosophy

609-626-6016 | G-236
Anne F. Pomeroy

Anne F. Pomeroy, Professor of Philosophy

609-652-4612 | F-133
Lucio A. Privitello

Lucio A. Privitello, Professor of Philosophy, Tsantes Endowed Professor of Ancient Greek Philosophy; The Pappas Center for Hellenic Studies

609-652-4630 | K-161
Edward Siecienski

Edward Siecienski, Professor of Religion and Clement and Helen Pappas Professor of Byzantine Civilization and Religion

609-626-6859 | K-122
Jongbok Yi

Jongbok Yi, Associate Professor of Asian Philosophy

609-652-3490 | K-127

Performing Arts Staff

Venustiano Borromeo

Venustiano Borromeo, Technical Director

609-626-3486 | K-160
Jed Gaylin

Jed Gaylin, Artist in Residence

609-652-4505 | K-150
  Justin Maciejewski

  Justin Maciejewski,  Theatre Technician

 609-652-4376 |  K-156

Performing Arts Center Staff

Anjanette Christy

Anjanette Christy, Director of Ticketing Services

609-652-4786  |  K-144d
Karen Tompkins

Karen Tompkins, Assistant Box Office and Assistant House Manager

 609-652-4787 |  K-144
Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright, Technical Facilities Director

609-652-4788 | K-150

Communication Studies Staff

Jordan Ellis

Jordan Ellis, Liaison for Communication Studies and Academic Support

Chad Roberts

Chad Roberts, Interim General Manager - WLFR

 609-652-4780 |  CC-205
Michael Zubrzycki

Michael Zubrzycki, Liaison for TV Studio and Academic Support

609-652-4243 | E-041

Art Gallery Staff and Visual Arts Staff

 Denise McGarvey

 Denise McGarvey, Exhibition Coordinator 

 609-652-4566 |  L-101
Justin Gray

Justin Gray, Professional Services Specialist 4

609-652-4860 | AS-135

Noyes Museum of Art Staff

Michael Cagno

Michael Cagno,  Executive Director of the Noyes Museum

 609-626-3420 | Noyes Museum

South Jersey Culture & History Center Staff

 Paul Schopp

 Paul Schopp, Assistant Director of the South Jersey Culture & History Center

609-652-4505  |  K-150

Africana Studies Adjunct Faculty

Garrison Paige

Garrison Paige,  Instructor of Africana Studies - Visiting

609-652-4356 | K140a
Tiffany Rice

Tiffany Rice, EOF Student Success Coach; African Studies Adjunct Faculty

6096524648 | F109d

Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Venustiano Borromeo

Venustiano Borromeo, Technical Director; Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

609-626-3486 | K160
Anthony Deluca

Anthony Deluca, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Chandra Moss-Thorne

Chandra Moss-Thorne, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Camille Moten

Camille Moten, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Marianne Murawski

Marianne Murawski, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

 Philip Polsinelli

 Philip Polsinelli, Assistant Director, Southern Regional ETTC;  Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

 609-626-3864 |  Parkway 105
Katrina Richter

Katrina Richter, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Allan Slutsky

Allan Slutsky, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Joseph Sramaty

Joseph Sramaty, Associate Director of Academic Administration; Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

609-652-4515 | K-201f
Edmund Vezinho

Edmund Vezinho, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright, Performing Arts Adjunct Faculty

Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Lavett Ballard

Lavett Ballard, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Michael Cagno

Michael Cagno, Executive Director of the Noyes Museum; Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

609-652-8848 | HEC107A
Danielle Cartier

Danielle Cartier, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Ryann Casey

Ryann Casey, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

James Dessicino

James Dessicino, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Daniel Gambert

Daniel Gambert,  Assistant Director of Web Communications; Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

609-626-6828 | L-215
Bruce Garrity

Bruce Garrity, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Darla Jackson

Darla Jackson, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Marisa Keris

Marisa Keris, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Linda Meiberg

Linda Meiberg, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Joseph Podlesnik

Joseph Podlesnik, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Glynnis Reed

Glynnis Reed, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Annemari Tarsitano

Annemari Tarsitano, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Christina Walley

Christina Walley, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty

Joe Winter

Joe Winter, Visual Arts Adjunct Faculty


Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

Olutoyosi Aboderin

Olutoyosi Aboderin, Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

Maria Buckley

Maria Buckley, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies - Visiting

Kevin Coopersmith

Kevin Coopersmith, Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

Diane D'Amico

Diane D'Amico, Director of News and Media Relations; Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

609-652-4593 | L-212e
John Froonjian

John Froonjian, Senior Research Associate, William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy; Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

609-626-3626 | N-007
Vanessa Graber

Vanessa Graber, Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

Erin O'Hanlon-Keys

Erin O'Hanlon-Keys, Professional Services Specialist 4, Office of Service Learning; Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

609-652-4256 | F-009
Netesha Peterson

Netesha Peterson, Assistant Director, Career Education & Development; Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

 609-652-4584 | CC-1040
Chad Roberts

Chad Roberts, General Manager, WLFR; Communication Studies Adjunct Faculty

609-652-4780 | CC-205


Historical Studies Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Chappine

Patricia Chappine,  Historical Studies Adjunct Faculty

Jack Devine

Jack Devine, Historical Studies Adjunct Faculty

Michael Frassetto

Michael Frassetto,  Historical Studies Adjunct Faculty

Heizel Prince

Heizel Prince, Professional Services Specialist 3, Office of Human Resources; Historical Studies Adjunct Faculty

 609-652-4799 |  J-115J


Languages and Culture Studies Adjunct Faculty

Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson, Languages & Culture Studies Adjunct Faculty

Sara Novic

Sara Novic, Languages & Culture Studies Adjunct Faculty

Joseph Poma

Joseph Poma, Languages & Culture Studies Adjunct Faculty


Literature Adjunct Faculty

Ian August

Ian August,  Literature Adjunct Faculty

Cherita Harrell

Cherita Harrell,  Literature Adjunct Faculty

Diana Strelczyk

Diana Strelczyk,  Asst Director Office of Continuing Studies; Literature Adjunct Faculty

609-652-4361 |  F-101
Karen Williams

Karen Williams, Literature Adjunct Faculty


David Ahlsted

David Ahlsted, Professor Emeritus of Art

Joanne Birdwhistell

Joanne Birdwhistell, Professor Emerita of Philosophy and Asian Civilization

Demetrios Constantelos

Demetrios Constantelos, Charles Cooper Townsend Sr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus; Distinguished Scholar in Residence of History & Religious Studies 

 In Memoriam
Alfonso Corpus

Alfonso Corpus, Associate Professor Emeritus of Art

Stephen Dunn

Stephen Dunn, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing

Norma Grasso

Norma Grasso, Professor Emerita of Spanish

Pamela Hendrick

Pamela Hendrick, Professor Emerita of Theatre

Marion Hussong

Marion Hussong, Professor Emerita of Literature and Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Marcia Sachs Littell

Marcia Sachs Littell, Professor Emerita of Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Mark Mallett

Mark Mallett, Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts

Fred Mench

Fred Mench, Professor Emeritus of Classics

Jeanne-Andrée Nelson

Jeanne-Andrée Nelson, Professor Emerita of French

Lance Olsen

Lance Olsen, Professor Emeritus of Music

Lisa Rosner

Lisa Rosner, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History

Kenneth Tompkins

Kenneth Tompkins, Professor Emeritus of Literature

Henry van Kuiken

Henry van Kuiken, Professor Emeritus of Dance

Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh, Professor Emeritus Philosophy & Religion