Idea Development

The SCCE supports factuly, staff, students, and community partners who are interested in exploring engagement projects by helping them move their ideas from concept to reality. 

How can we help you?

We Support:

  • Early stages of ideas and concepts
  • Moving ideas into action
  • Furthering the development of an idea that came from a course
  • Projects undertaken by students groups


We Offer:

  • Advising for early stages
  • Mentoring to move ideas into action
  • Resources for project implementation
  • Connections to the community

Working with the SCCE can help you to develop and implement your ideas, develop your network, raise awareness of your project on and off campus, and articulate your vision to a broader community.

Ideas brought to the SCCE may be rooted in any field or discipline but we prefer that your idea:

  • Responds to a need or opportunity that can be documented or demonstrated
  • Recognizes and meaningfully engages partners and collaborators
  • Outlines a concrete, realistic and actionable plan
  • Articulates clearly defined intention and outcomes
  • Includes opportunities for assessment and reflection


To arrange a meeting with the SCCE please email the Executive Director at


This language and the concepts contained here are adapted from programs underway at Amhurst College, Villanova University, Northeastern University, and the University of Georgia.