Alumni Success

Photo of Anne Jancsar

Anne Jancsar
BA Teacher Education '16

I had always wanted to be an art teacher and at Stockton I was able to explore the best of both worlds!  In May 2015 I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. Following a year later I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Education.  The Stockton education program not only gave me the knowledge and theories in education, but it provided me with hands on experience and practice in the classroom.  During my time at Stockton I was able to observe and teach in a variety of learning environments.  The professors at Stockton were able to give me along with my classmates a personalized education.

After graduation I was hired at a private elementary and middle school in Voorhees, NJ where I currently teach art to grades preschool all the way to eighth grade.  Walking into my first day of school as a certified teacher I could not feel more prepared.  The Stockton education program fully prepared me for the real world experiences in teaching.  Everyday I believe I am critiquing and improving my teaching practices to better my students learning.  I have Stockton to thank for that!