Advising/New Students

Prospective Students

The School of Education encourages all undergraduate students who might be interested in our program to make an advising appointment early in their college career. High school seniors are also welcome to meet with us. Students who have a bachelors degree may choose the TEDU post-baccalaureate (traditional) or MAED graduate (alternate) route to certification. Every student is unique: we will evaluate your transcript and recommend the best path to certification for you. Ocean County Students have a Pilot Program pathway, and all students have opportunities for interstate reciprocity:

Traditional Students: Schedule a meeting in person or via Zoom or by emailing Transfer students, preview how your courses will transfer to your Stockton degree. 

Alternate Route students: view this page for more details. 

Current students: see your preceptor, view the information below, or on the FAQs, or on the current students tab, or visit the office in J201.

Student Information

  • Preceptorial Advising
    • Fall Semester: Late October/Early November
    • Spring Semester: Late March/Early April
  • Mandatory Orientation Meetings (required in your first semester of the traditional Teacher Education program)
    • TBA
  • Praxis Core / SAT / ACT Deadlines:
    • Fall Semester: June 1st 
    • Spring Semester: October 1st 
    • Summer Semester: March 1st
  • Criminal Background Check and TB Test Deadlines:
    • Fall Semester: April Precepting
    • Spring Semester: October Precepting
    • Summer Semester: March 1st
  • Praxis II deadlines:
    • Fall Semester: April 1st 
    • Spring Semester: October 1st 
    • Summer Semester: February 1st for entry into CP I

To see the curriculum for your area of interest use  Degree Works.

If you are a current student at Stockton University, access your portal for Degree Works, then look for the “what if” option to explore the various teacher certification paths.

This program is accessible even if you are not currently a student with Stockton University. in this case, follow the instructions on the Education Interest sheet you can find here.

We have the following program paths/degree options available:

ETS/Praxis Testing

Stockton is an official electronic testing site for ETS/Praxis Core/ Praxis II testing.

Click here for the ETS/Praxis FAQ