Property Transfer Requests

When an item is identified as no longer needed, the item may be advertised through campus email or communicated directly to Plant Operations via the work order system, SchoolDude.

The following guidelines are to be followed to initiate a transfer:

If the item is advertised via email and is claimed by someone within the University:

  1. A work order will need to be processed for the removal of the item.
  2. A Property Transfer Request (PTR) form must be filled out in its entirety by the party that no longer wants the item.
  3. The party receiving the item will need to sign the PTR form which states that the item is to be used for University purposes only.
  4. When the transaction is completed, the form is to be sent to Central Stores ( for recording.
  5. If the item is a Fixed Asset, which is anything valued at $5,000.00 or greater, the Tag # will need to be included on the form and then a copy is sent to Central Stores and Fiscal Affairs.
  6. The item will need to be reported to Fiscal Affairs on a fiscal yearly basis thereafter.

If the item is not claimed through a campus email advertisement or if the party does not want to advertise the item via the campus email system:

  1. A work order will need to be processed for the removal of the item.
  2. The party who is having the item removed will need to fill out the PTR form, sign it and include it with the item.
  3. Upon receiving the item Central Stores ( will sign the form and send a copy to the party who had the item removed, a copy will also be retained in Central Stores.
  4. If the item is a Fixed Asset, a copy of the form will also be sent to Fiscal Affairs, Central Stores will be responsible for reporting to Fiscal Affairs.