Water Usage

Stockton University has adoped water-friendly operations, appliances, and equipment across campus to reduce our water usage. 

lake fred

Stockton University owns and operates the water supply system that provides potable water service throughout the university/campus.

Water bottle filling stations are installed around campus for use by faculty, staff and students in an effort to encourage the use of refillable water bottles. This will reduce the amount of recycled waste the University produces and reduce our carbon footprint.

The water bottle fillings stations can be found in:

  • A-Wing
  • F-Wing Gallery
  • K-Wing
  • Sports Center
  • West Quad

bottle filling station picture by danny drakeStaff photo by Danny Drake

While traditional toilets typically use 3.5 gallons of water per flush, dual-flush toilets conserve water by using a full 1.6 gallon flush for solids and 1.1 gallons for liquids. Dual-flush toilets can be found in the Campus Center.

dual flush toilets

As required under the statewide stormwater management regulations, Stockton has published a presentation to inform all members of the University community about The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program at Stockton.

The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Team welcomes your comments, which can be sent to: Chris.Corea@stockton.edu