50th in Flight

50th in Flight is an exhibition that explores how Stockton has changed, or remained the same, since it was founded. The exhibition is composed of nearly 1,000 photographs, documents, maps, and images that span the 1960s through today and capture a broad range of people, events, and places.

In addition to the photograph mural installed in the Campus Center, stories were selected for additional research and are showcased on this website. There are, of course, many more stories to tell, and the 50th Anniversary Exhibits Committee hopes that additional research will contribute to the expansion of “50th in Flight” moving forward. 


Please explore our stories for 50th in Flight:

50th in Flight Curators and Contributors

50th Anniversary Steering Committee

50th Anniversary Exhibits Team

Susan Allen, Michael Cagno, Kimberly Calle, Jessica Chamberlain, Dr. Arnaldo Cordero-Roman, Shekhania Demosthenes, Patricia Fazio, Dr. Christy Goodnight, Dana Jackson, Steven Keeny, Tom Kinsella, Sophia LoPresti, Dr. Michelle McDonald, Donna Mettrock, Heather Perez, James Pullaro, Louise Tillstrom, Dr. Wendel White, Ed Wuillermin, Dr. Laura Zucconi 

Additional Contributors

Kimberly Albrecht, Brooke Artz, Tyneka Boggs, Christy Coleman Bouziotis, Angela Braun, Mackenzie Briggs, Stacey Clapp, Allison Cook, Joe D’Agostino, Diane D’Amico, Joyce DeStasio, Dr. Claude Epstein, Dan Gambert, William Hamilton, Sarah Hanlon, Nick Hitzel, Lori Holdren, Eliza Hunt, Mandee McCullough, Laurie Melchionne, Amber Munchback, Brittney O’Connor, Dr. Kate Nearpass Ogden, Geoffrey Pettifer, Loukaia Taylor, Dr. Ken Tompkins, Mikaela Weintraub, Samantha Whitehurst, Ken Windish