50th Anniversary Gallery

Celebrating 50 Years of Teaching


  • Moving into C Court
  • BBQ amongst friends
  • Aerial view of campus
  • Band rocking out in the 1980s
  • Outdoor lecture
  • Hanging out in the dorms
  • Outdoor lecture in the courtyard
  • Family helping a student move in
  • Students moving into housing
  • Dorm room in the 80s
  • Dorm room in the 90s
  • Student outside of their dorm
  • Science being taught
  • Students getting lunch in G Wing cafeteria
  • 1972 Greenhouse construction
  • Lecture in front of Lake Fred
  • Outside the Library in the 1970s
  • A lecture outdoors
  • A student walking up the stairwell in the 1970s
  • Students in 1978
  • Students walking to class in the winter of 1978
  • Nature Walk with Rudy Arndt in 1987
  • The opening of the Pine Cone Ice Cream Parlor in 1984
  • Students dining in G Wing Cafeteria

The Beauty of Stockton

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