Start a New Chapter

Stockton University recognizes the social, academic, and developmental benefits of being a part of the fraternity and sorority community. The University also recognizes that the community must be adequate so as to provide opportunities for every student who has the desire and means to join.

In overseeing this expansion process, there must be substantial evidence of the ability of the proposed organization to contribute to the fraternity and sorority community, and to conduct itself in a manner consistent with Stockton Fraternity & Sorority Life regulations and procedures.

To ensure that fraternities and sororities desiring to be recognized at Stockton pocess those qualifications deemed necessary for their success and for the continued health of the Stockton fraternity and sorority community, the following standards and procedures have been established:


Stockton University strongly believes in a student-driven process. Interested students should meet with the Fraternity & Sorority Life Advisor as soon as possible to discuss the petition process. Students are encourage to thoroughly explore the existing chapters at the University prior to this meeting.

Interested students must submit a petition letter to the Office of Student Development which details:

  • Stated interest in starting a new fraternity or sorority;
  • Efforts the students have made in exploring the currently recognized organizations;
  • Reasons why an additional organization is needed and the needs that the new organization would meet;
  • The name of the organization with which the students wish to affiliate;
  • A list of all students interested in starting a new chapter (including full names, Z#'s, and email addresses).
  • A letter of support from a Stockton University faculty/staff member who is willing to serve as the faculty/staff advisor to the chapter.

Once a petition is reviewed and ccepted, the interest group may recieve approval by the Office of Student Development to host three (3) interest meetings to recruit additional interest.

Interest Meetings

Interest meetings must follow the following criteria:

  • Must be scheduled and approved through the Office of Student Development;
  • Must be on-campus;
  • No other organization is allowed to co-sponsor the interest meetings;
  • Any marketing for the interest meetings must be approved by the Office of Student Development and follow all University regulations and policies.

An updated list of interested students must be submitted to the Office of Student Development following the conclusion of all interest meetings.

Organization Criteria

Fraternities/Sororities wishing to become recognized student organizations at Stockton University must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization must be affiliated with a parent organization that must be able to show proof of 10 consecutive years of business operations and have undergrduate chapters (not colonies) at ten (10) or more colleges/universities;
  • The organization must have policies that are congruent with Stockton Fraternity & Sorority Life regulations and procedures.
  • The organization must be able to send professional staff or elected volunteers to campus to conduct the key components of the new chapter's creation;
  • The organization must show proof of General Liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage with a minimum of $1million in Combined Single Limit/$2 million aggregate. The General Liability insurance must include Host Liquor Liability. The General Liability insurance policy must name "Stockton University" and "The State of New Jersey" as additionally insured and the certificate must state that the insurance coverage is primary over the collectible insurance.

Organization Letter of Support

Stockton University values the partnerships we have with inter/national headquarters of our recognized fraternities and sororities. We wish to ensure any chapter newly recognized on our University has ample level of support from the inter/national organization. A letter of support from the organization should also include the following information:

Basic Information

  • List and status of colonies established in last five years;
  • Current number of chapters, members, and alumni;
  • Average chapter size;
  • Number of chapters closed in last five year and reason for closing;
  • Membership costs;


  • New member program/intake process;
  • Membership eligibility standards;
  • Recruitment program;
  • Hazing policy and resources;
  • Membership development;
  • Chapter development;
  • Service and philanthropy programs;


  • Staff and volunteer plan to support group in colonization and chartering process;
  • Additional support mechanisms for colonization and chartering process;
  • An estimated timeline for colonization and chartering;
  • Colonization and chartering requirements and procedures;


  • Volunteer support at the district and local level;
  • Scholarships;
  • Leadership school or conventions;
  • Nearest chapters;
  • Contact information for committed alumni;


  • Certificate of Insurance meeting University insurance requirements;
  • How the organization plans to be successful utilizing the Growth & Recognition process of Stockton University

Presentation & Petition Review

All petitions will be placed on file with the Office of Student Development. An Expansion Committee made up of administration, staff, and students will review petitions once each fall semester. If the committee believes the petition is worth exploring based on the above criteria, a meeting will be scheduled with the interest group to present on their petition to both the committee, and the council the interest group would potentially affiliate with. Both bodies may provide a recomendation to the Office of Student Development and Dean of Students regarding the recognition of the interest group. The final decision on recognition is given by the Dean of Students.

Note: It is important no group of students move forward with any steps of this process without the approval of the Office of Student Development.