Information Techology Service FAQ

No. There is no purchase requirement. Computers are available in numerous labs for student use. Stockton has an 8:1 ratio of students to computers. Lab hours include evening and weekends.Three labs are open twenty-four hours a day during the fall and spring semesters. More informaiton about our computer labs can be found on our website

This depends upon the program that the student is enrolled in. You should contact the program coordinator for more information on what specific tools and resources are required by the students program. More information can be found on our laptop buying guide

Software may be purchased at academic pricing through the Bookstore. For details on hardware purcahse, more information can be found on our laptop buying guide

Printers are available in the computer labs. Each semester, students are allotted the following print quota for B&W printing.

  • Graduate students - 2000 printing points
  • Undergrad students - 1600 printing points
  • Continuing Education - 200 printing points

Additionally, students get a one‐time print quota of 20 pages for color printing (Color printing quota does not reset every semester.). Available print quota can be tracked at

The address for the main page is The Information Technology Services web page address is

Students can access web-based e-mail, electronic conferencing, online courses, and electronic databases from accounts on our central systems and general, course specific and specialized computer software in our computer labs. Students may also register, drop/add courses, pay tuition, and check their grades online via the goStockton portal. Student accounts are generated upon application and remain active through graduation for students who are continuously enrolled. More information about the different services we offer students can be found on our Cloud Services page

For a complete listing of all of our lab computer locations, installed software, and general availablity please visit our Computer Lab Access page for more details. 

In general, Computer labs operate within the same hours of the academic buildinds. The labs residential labs are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week during the semester. For specific lab location and hours please visit our  Computer Lab Access page for more details. 

Students are able to reset their a password using the forgot password link on the Stockton GoPortal login page. More details about how to access your account and recover your password can be found on our Accounts and Passwords page. 

Wireless network access is available at all of our instructional and residential facilities.

There are various opportunities for students with strong technical skills. Work study is desired, but not required. The online student application form is available aton our website.

Students can contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance with connectivity to online resources (e.g., goStockton Portal, Blackboard). Questions about course specific software should be addressed to the course instructor.

Our systems and services are designed to work with the most modern and common systems available. Generally speaking the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefix will perform best. For any questions about access to our services please contact the ITS Help Desk

Yes. All residence halls are connected to the campus network. Please refer to our Network Connection page for more details on how to connect to our networks. 

Information Technology Services works with the Learning Access Program to assist students with special needs. Please see their Accessibility Toolbox page for more details. 

This varies depending upon the course, but Stockton has a long tradition of incorporating technology into the curriculum. Most instructors use a variety of technology tools to enhance instruction, provide contact outside of class hours, and support interaction among students.

All traditional lecture classrooms are equipped with a projection system and a lectern that houses a computer and all the controls necessary for multimedia presentations. The computer is connected to the campus network for access to the central computer systems and media services.

Scantron answer sheets can be picked up and dropped off in D102, the office is open from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. A mail slot is available outside of D102 for after-hour and weekend drop-offs. More information about Scantron test scoring can be found here.