graphs and data background

The Institutional Research website will be used as a repository to share and report various insitutional data ranging from enrollment reports, degrees conferred, graduation rates, to other special analyses/reports on various institutional surveys (i.e. ACT, College Board, NSSE, Princeton Review, US News College Ranking, VSA etc.).

The Institutional Research Office serves both internal and external University stakeholders by collecting, maintaining and reporting on consistently reliable institutional information useful for:

  • planning and decision making
  • state and federal compliance
  • continuous improvement in institutional effectiveness
  • promoting the public profile of the University

You Can Now Request Your Institutional Research Data Online!

For all data requests, please visit our website first. If you are unable to find the data you are looking for, please log into your portal account and fill out the DATA REQUEST FORM, which can be found on Employee Forms Channel of the Employee Tab. The Office of Institutional Research will contact you within two business days to confirm receipt of your completed form.