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What was Stockton State College became The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and now is Stockton University.  Vision, growth and progress are what my university represent and what I wish for all future graduates.  It has been 25 years since I obtained my Bachelor Degree.  My major was Business Studies with a concentration in marketing.

It is my pleasure to answer a question that I receive regularly in business settings: “Where did you go to school?”  See, I know what they are looking for, they expect I am going to say some big college or university or an Ivy League, because of the title I hold or the table I am sitting at.  To prospective students and current students, don’t think a bigger name school or costly university will define your career success. 

I have had and continue to have an amazing career.  Like Stockton University, I focus on vision, growth and progress.  I have worked for premier brands (Caesars Entertainment, Starwood Hotels) and first-class destinations (Baltimore, Indianapolis, Washington D.C. and Kansas City) in the hospitality industry.  I am currently on the team of Spectra, a world class venue (stadiums, arenas, convention centers) management company as Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Ronnie Burt

Ronnie Burt, '96

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Spectra

There are several things I can share about my Stockton experience.  First, I was a commuter, so my time spent on campus was intentional.  Second, a professor told me in a marketing class, "You have to learn how to crunch the numbers"  That was the best piece of advice I received.  The business and hospitality industry is highly competitive and all about the numbers.  Tracking sales, revenue, marketing campaigns, social media impact, managing budgets and analyzing return on investment.  Third, as you progress through your college experience and enter into your career, put a focus on developing your networking through meaningful relationships.  I mean personal relationships not digital relationships.  Don’t be intimidated to network above your paygrade.  Fourth, focus on your brand.  Who are you?  How do you want people to remember you?  Fifth and final piece of advice, develop an amazing work ethic. Going above and beyond early will accelerate your path.  Remember vision, growth and progress. 



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