Leader Interview

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Mark Giannantonio

Mark Giannantonio, president and ceo for Resorts Casino Hotel

Who is Mark Giannantonio?

I am a local guy, who was born and raised in Atlantic City.  I am married to a wonderful woman and the father of two amazing sons who are my life. I am proud to call this region my home and have had a rewarding career in the gaming and hospitality industry right here in Atlantic City.


What were the highlights of your career that led you to becoming the president and CEO of Resorts Casino Hotel?

Plain and simple, it was a lot of hard work and a determination to learn as much as I could about all aspects of the business. Our business is first and foremost a people business which suited me very well.  My father was a successful manager throughout his career and his guidance and approach were invaluable to me.


What would you consider your greatest current challenge/success?

The greatest current challenge is to evolve Resorts out of the COVID-19 era to be more successful than ever before and I am happy to say we are on the right track. One of the most satisfying successes in my career was working collectively with the amazing leadership team and ownership structure at Resorts to restore Atlantic City’s first casino to profitability after almost a decade of losses.  Resorts has been completely rebranded and repositioned with over $140 million in capital improvements.  When you couple that with the exceptional service consistency provided by our team members; it is a recipe for success.


What is your vision for the future of Atlantic City? What will the key issues/trends be over the next few years?

My vision for Atlantic City is a city where businesses and residents thrive and prosper; a city where the quality of life is raised for all those who live, work, and visit here.  Many cities would love to have the beautiful amenities that we have, the beach and boardwalk, etc.  As we come out of the pandemic, it is essential for all stakeholders to work together to do the things that are necessary to enhance the quality of life for all. 


What role do you see Resorts Casino Hotel playing in that future?

While Resorts is one of the smaller casinos in Atlantic City, I would like to think we play a large role in trying to shape and improve our community.  For the past 8 years, I have been so fortunate to work for Morris Bailey. At Resorts, we run a family-run business.  It is special because it is always about the people, and as a result, a visitor to Resorts senses the difference.  It is always about the community as well.  One example of this was the role that Morris and Resorts played in developing and funding the campaign that defeated North Jersey casinos.       


You’ve been part of the Levenson Institute as a board member for over a decade and are now board chair. How has LIGHT evolved in that time? What do you see as LIGHT’s future?

LIGHT has grown into a highly reputable think tank for our region and is exactly how we all hoped and envisioned it would be. Over the years, whether it is polling or visitor and other studies, our region has grown to rely on LIGHT.  I hope and expect that over the next few years, LIGHT will play an even more significant role as we all hope to raise the quality of life for all stakeholders.      


What advice do you have for future leaders?

Work hard, listen and set real goals for yourself.


Anything you would like to comment on concerning your vision or background?

As we all have lived through what could be the most difficult time in our lives because of the pandemic, it is time to get back our mojo and have FUN!  “The Fun is Here” at Resorts happens to be our tag line.