LIGHT Develops Creative Collaboration with the Office of Continuing Studies

Creative Collaboration

By Diana Strelczyk, Assistant Director, Office of Continuing Studies

In late 2021, LIGHT and the Stockton University Office of Continuing Studies (OCS) began a new partnership to deliver the Certified Tourism Industry Professional (CTIP) Certificate.  The CTIP worked with local industry partners, including the New Jersey Tourism Industry Association, to build fresh new curriculum specific to the needs of the ever-changing industry.  LIGHT and OCS have found ways to incorporate the influences from external sources, as well as embrace the resources and knowledge already developed on-campus. 

Shortly after the new tourism-focused CTIP curriculum was announced in January 2022, LIGHT asked OCS to offer select courses to enhance their Leadership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Marketing-related skills as electives to their certificate program.  Many of the challenges faced in the workplace - whether it is hospitality, healthcare, small business, etc. - exist in similar forms. Concerns  including communication, teambuilding, cultural inclusivity, marketing, and evolving with our changing world are not specific to a single industry.

Navigating Bias April 2022

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The concept that all industries need to focus on these professional development skills made it clear that using existing courses would be a great win-win for both LIGHT and OCS. The greatest benefit of this partnership is the shared learning and diverse experiences of participants in our virtual classrooms. We finally have a way to come back together and learn from each other, after months of feeling separated. 

While all of these courses are offered online for easier access, instructors are carefully selected to ensure engaging and dynamic sessions.  The needs of adult learners demand captivating instructors, practical applications, and immediate deliverables.

Currently, there are three courses on the schedule that meet the needs of the CTIP Program, and also provide Online Leadership Training, DEI Skills, Social Worker Continuing Education Units in multiple states, NJ Division of Local Government Services Continuing Education Credits, and/or professional photography training for marketing purposes.  These courses are the “Leadership and Team Building Through Active Leadership” on March 16, the “Intermediate Photography with Dave Griffin” March 19-April 2, and the “Navigating and Managing Implicit Bias in Serving Others” on April 6, 2022. Each of these courses are led by experts in their field, and are proven to deliver results.

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For more information on how the Office of Continuing Studies can partner with your organization to provide collaborative or customized training in Leadership, DEI, or other professional development opportunities, please contact or call 609-652-4227.  For a full catalog of courses by the Stockton University Office of Continuing Studies, please visit