Workshops and Information

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Information Sessions and Workshops

The Ombuds Officer hosts information sessions on working with the Ombuds Office as well as workshops on conflict resolution principles, theories and skills, and mediation.

Please be sure to check back periodically for more details about upcoming sessions and workshops! 


Ombuds Office Activity: Keeping the Community Informed!

Data Q3 ending March 31, 2024 FY 2023/2024[1]

I. Case Management

  • Cases and Inquiries:

19           Total Cases Initiated

6             Inquiry Only (inquiries outside scope of Ombuds Office or generally exploring)

  • Case Status: 

10           Open

2             Initial Interview Pending

7             Closed

  • Case Initiated by Classification:

4             Leadership (e.g., VP, Provost, Dean)

4             Faculty  

6             Union Staff

4             Non-union Managerial Staff

1             Student Staff

  • Visitor Interactions:

42           Meetings

1             Group Facilitated Conversations

80+        Initial and Follow-up Email Streams   

  • Work Group Consultations:

2             Facilitated Discussions (one in planning process) among workgroups

  • Specific Policies and Procures Reviewed Relevant to Cases:



II. Engagement Activities

  • 25     Introductory and Outreach Meetings (e.g., faculty senate; staff senate; diversity committee; department meetings; schedule “Meet the Ombuds” session; Town Hall, etc.)
  • 9       Partnership/Collaboration/Information Gathering Meetings (e.g., HR (12), GC Office (4), VPs (2), Former Ombuds Officers (2), ELO, AC Director, OEOIC (5), Dean, MAPS)
  • 10     Projects (e.g., Office Startup, Research, Proposed Charter and Strategic Plan, Notice Creation and Revision, Drafting, Curricula, Reporting etc.)


[1] Also includes the period December 4-31, 2023.