Scott Huston

Scott HustonChief Information Officer

Scott Huston is the Chief Information Officer at Stockton University.  In his role, he provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment to support ubiquitous, integrated, and fully engaging learning experiences throughout the University.  Under his leadership, The Division of Information Technology Services team takes a proactive and collaborative approach to deliver innovative, reliable, and sustainable technologies that optimize satisfaction and desired outcomes.

Since starting his career at Stockton in 2004, Scott Huston has managed many Stockton information technology initiatives including the campus conversion to Active Directory, convergence and management of the Stockton unified helpdesk, and the negotiation and purchasing of enterprise hardware and software.   Mr. Huston has helped many divisions implement new IT projects and has managed the servers and services that run these applications at Stockton University.  In addition, Mr. Huston has also overseen Stockton helpdesk operations where he worked with the team to develop many new strategies, programs, and procedures to promote quicker responses with improved customer service.  He also began taking a large role in the fiscal planning and budgeting for the division and has implemented many process improvements in the areas of allocation of funding and procurement of equipment for Information Technology Services.  Finally, Scott Huston has supported many high-profile events at University and has designed new ways to expand these events and activities through the use of emerging technologies.

Scott Huston has also held the role of an adjunct faculty member at Stockton University since 2012 and in 2014 he was named the Business Faculty Member of the Year.  He enjoys remaining connected to the classroom through teaching as an adjunct and finds it very valuable in an effort to experience the modern technological needs of the student body and his fellow faculty.

Mr. Huston earned a Master of Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Systems from Stockton University.  He is currently advancing his education through professional development courses at Harvard University.