Imagery is an effective tool used to tell a story. Stockton’s photography is distinctive, showcasing our values and allowing a viewer to engage with our brand.

Photographs should capture moments, appear authentic and invite an emotional response such as roommates meeting each other for the first time, a professor leaning over a student’s shoulder to help solve a problem, students casually hanging out at the Campus Center, a student walking to class framed within the natural beauty of our campus or the intensity of competition on an athlete’s face.

Imagery should reflect our brand’s personality (engaging, transformational, friendly, visionary and environmentally conscious), feature dynamic colors, compelling composition, appropriate contrast and lighting, evoke a sense of place, and communicate Stockton’s commitment to diversity.

Professional photography should be used whenever possible. Stockton’s Flickr account is a valuable resource for imagery. Photography less than 300 dpi at actual printed size should not be used.

If you need additional assistance, please complete the photography request section of the University Relations & Marketing Service Request Form

Photography Services

The Office of University Relations & Marketing provides photography services for official university events and initiatives for the purpose of marketing, publicity and university publications. URM reserves the right to review all requests for photography services to ensure they meet a specific institutional need for photos and that staff time is used in a way that best serves the university’s needs. If a URM photographer is not available for a client, the department can recommend a freelance photographer. The client is responsible for contacting the vendor and paying for their services.