Welcome to Sedona! A faculty friendly software program where you can input and track scholarly activity, and create and maintain your Curriculum Vitae all in one place! 

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A FAQ Sheet is available online. If the answer to your question is not on the FAQ Sheet, feel free to contact your school Steward(s) or Ronnie Carlini at x6028.  AQuick Guide is also available online and will direct you where to input various types of Scholarly Activity.

School Stewards:

School ID:

Madeline Perez

ARHU - rsa

Maureen Gilbert, Diane Turtzo BUSN - rsb

Heather Watkins

HLTH - rsh

Jennifer Marcello

NAMS - rsn

William Albert

SOBL - rss

Karin Kallert

EDUC - rse

Dale Howell

GENS - rsg

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