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Unidos - Faculty and Staff Council Logo

UNIDOS was established in 2018 by staff at Stockton University to assist in bringing together faculty and staff interested in expanding the cultural and historical contributions of the Latinx and Hispanic community. The organization aims to advocate and address mentoring, recruitment, and retention of Stockton employees. Our main purpose is to promote the ideals of inclusion for affiliated Faculty and Staff with an increased sense of belonging at our institution. Our goal is to make Stockton University a workplace of choice.  

We hope your participation in our organization will help sustain a nurturing and welcoming workplace for all of us to enjoy.

UNIDOS Faculty and Staff Core Mission:

  • To encourage, sustain, and benefit from a caring, broad range of interests connected to varied cultural identities and backgrounds.
  • To share an appreciation for Hispanic heritage, cultures, and traditions.
  • To serve as a representative voice for all who identify as Spanish, Hispanic, Latin American, Latino/Latina, LatinX, Afro-Caribbean, among others who share cross-national ties.
  • To advocate for faculty and staff.
  • To expand leadership roles that enable, encourage, and support growth and professional advancement.
  • To promote a higher sense of positive well-being, inclusion, and success in the workplace.