Grading System

Grades represent the professional judgment of a faculty member on a student’s academic performance in a particular instructional experience. 

Stockton University permits two systems of grading, standard letter grading or Pass/No Credit. Courses are set to either the standard letter or Pass/No Credit grading mode at the discretion of the instructor or program.   

Letter Grades

The following standard letter grades will be recorded on the student’s official transcript:  





B+ =


B =


B- =


C+ =


C =


C- =


D+ =


D =






A grade of A symbolizes excellent work, grades in the B range symbolize good work, grades of C+ and C symbolize satisfactory work, grades of C- and in the D range symbolize poor work, and an F symbolizes failure.  

Pass/No Credit Grades

A student may elect to take a course in the Pass/No Credit grading mode.  If this option is selected, the student must notify the Office of the Registrar prior to the end of the Drop/Add period on the Academic Calendar in the term in which the course is offered.  Once the Pass/No Credit grading mode has been designated, it cannot be changed at any time during or after the term.

Courses graded in the Pass/No Credit grading mode will be recorded as P or NC on the student’s official transcript and will not be factored into the calculation of the student’s GPA. A grade of P symbolizes passing (performance in the A-D letter range). A grade of NC symbolizes no credit (failing). Some programs will not count credits earned in the Pass/No Credit grading mode as meeting program degree requirements.  Students should meet with their preceptor or the program coordinator to understand the requirements. 

The pass/no credit grading option is governed by the following:

  • A maximum of one course per semester can be designated in the P/NC mode.
  • A student who is on probation cannot take courses in the P/NC mode during the probation period.
  • Certain programs and University-wide requirements require academic progress in courses with a C or better. In those instances, the P/NC credit option is not available to students wishing to complete that program.
  • Students must have earned 12 credits (including transfer credits) before they are eligible for P/NC courses.
  • A maximum of 10 percent of Stockton credits to be applied toward graduation requirements may be taken in P/NC mode.

Non-Grade Transcript Notations

The following notations may appear on transcripts:  AU, W, WI, I, IP, or X.  X grades are assigned and used only by the Office of the Registrar.  The notations are defined below:

AU symbolizes “audit”

An AU is recorded on the transcript if a student audited a course. 

W symbolizes “withdrawal”

A W will be recorded on the transcript if a student withdraws from a course or from the University between the end of the drop/add period and the end of the eleventh (11th) week of a full term, or the fifth week of a sub-term. See the Withdrawal from a Course section of this Bulletin for information regarding the number of Ws permissible. 

WI symbolizes “withdrawal due to illness”

A WI will be recorded on the transcript by the Office of the Registrar for a course or courses that have been approved by the Academic Appeals Board for a withdrawal due to illness. The student must submit a written appeals via the online form located at the Late/Medical Withdrawal website.  Requesting a medical withdrawal from one or more classes due to severe medical circumstances beyond the student’s control.  The appeal must include appropriate documentation regarding such medical circumstances.  Requests for late or medical withdrawal must be submitted by the 20th calendar day following the end of the term (i.e. fall, spring, summer).

I symbolizes “incomplete course work”

An I will be recorded on the transcript to indicate that course work is due for a course or courses that have been approved by the instructor and submission of the Agreement for Completion of Coursework form.

A student may be eligible to request an incomplete from the instructor, if it is determined that 1) the student is doing satisfactory work, and 2) due to an illness or emergency the student will be unable to complete the course work within that academic term. If an incomplete is granted, remaining course work must be completed and submitted before the last class day in the next term.

An Agreement for Completion of Course Work (I-Form) must be completed and include  a summary of the work completed by the student at the time course work was discontinued , the student’s grade in the course at that time, a summary of the remaining course work to be submitted and the due date (before the end of the next term) .

Special circumstances may exist by which completion of the I requires special arrangements, e.g., lab courses, foreign language courses, internships and the like. Those arrangements must be described in an attachment to the Agreement for Completion of Course Work Authorization and approved by the appropriate dean(s).

The Agreement (and any attachments) must be signed by both the student and the authorizing instructor.  A copy of the Agreement is filed with the appropriate School office. Copies are also  retained by the student and by the authorizing instructor. Any variation from the signed contract must be initiated by the  instructor and approved by the dean.

IP symbolizes “in progress”

An IP will be recorded on the transcript by the Office of the Registrar for courses that continue after the grading deadline.

X acts as a placeholder

An X will be recorded on the transcript by the Office of the Registrar as a placeholder for completed noncredit courses that do not carry a grade or for other reasons determined by the Registrar. 

Assignment of Grades

Grades are due each semester by the deadlines noted on the Academic Calendar and are submitted by faculty online through the goStockton portal.  Faculty can only submit A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and F grades online.  Letter grades should be submitted for courses that have been approved for the Pass/No Credit grading mode.  The letter grade will be converted on the student’s transcript as P for grades A through D- or NC for a grade of F.  AU, IP, W, WI and X grades can only be entered by the Office of the Registrar. I grades will be entered by the Office of the Registrar with submission of a Agreement for Completion of Course Work form or direction from the Assistant Dean.