Locally-Negotiated Agreements


Appointment Based Tutors (2020)
Assessment Agreement (2010)
Blackboard & Websites for Negotiations (2014)
Continuing Studies & Stockton Institutes (2013)
Faculty Fellows Program (2019-22)
Faculty Senate President & Research & Professional Development (R&PD) Chair (2020)
Faculty Retirement Incentive Program with Options A & B
     - Addendum to Faculty Retirement Incentive Program (2016-17 to 2020-21)
Faculty Serving as Coaches for Dual Credit with Regional High Schools (2019)
Faculty Teaching Load (2008)
     - Addendum to MOA on Adjunct Teaching (2013)
     - Addendum to MOA for Dissertation and Master's Thesis Compensation (2018)
Faculty Transition to Retirement Program(FTTRP) (2020)
Fall 2020 MOA on the 2006 Online Course Agreement: Full Execution & Subsequent Expiration (2020)

Institutional Research Board (IRB) Chair (2020)
Large Class Exception for Faculty in Transition (2011)
Memorandum of Agreement: Convenors for General Studies, First-Year Seminars, Quantitative Reasoning (QUAD) and Writing (W) (2020)
Memorandum of Agreement: Interdisciplinary Minors, Dual-Degree Program, and Pre-Professional Coordinators (2020)
Memorandum of Agreement: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Associate Program Chairs (2020)
Non-Tenure Track Teaching Positions (NTTPs) (2020)
Pappas Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies Center Director (2020)
Part Time Faculty Supervision of Special Projects (2009)
Private Applied Lessons (2013)
Program Coordinators, Directors & Other Designated Faculty Agreement (2018-20)
Request for Authorization to Teach an Online Course (2006)
South Jersey Culture & History Center (SJCHC) Director (2020)
Stockton Center on Successful Aging MOA, Faculty Directors, (SCOSA) (2020)
Stockton Site-to-Site Travel MOA (2015)
Summer Institute for Peer Evaluation of Teaching (2013)
Summer Intensive Research Experience (2013)
Supervising Students Serving as FRST Peer Academic Mentors (2020)
Tenure Upon Hire MOA (2018)
Tenure Track Instructor Lines (2014)
Stockton Text Center (2020)
Workshops & Institutes Template (2014)


Archived Agreements