Stay tuned for more information on Parking.

The restoration project to Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall was designed to provide enhanced accessibility for disabled patrons. It is now fully compliant with the American Disabilities Act of 1990. Restrooms and concourse areas are easily accessible.

Accessible seating is limited, so please arrive early and see an usher for assistance. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer reserved accessible seating. Additionally, accessible seating locations will be limited to guests with special seating needs and one assistant, or family member. Guests who are unable to navigate stairs or the escalator will be given priority access to elevators.

Yes, there will be sign language interpreters at the ceremony. The interpreters will be shown as a picture in picture on the projection screens in Boardwalk Hall.
No, there are no rental wheelchairs available. If an individual has mobility issues it is suggested that they rent a wheelchair prior to coming to the ceremony.

Commencement Day Information

No, Boardwalk Hall is not the same location as the Atlantic City Convention Center. Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall is located directly on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The address is 2301 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401.

Stay tuned for more information on Parking.

Graduates are directed to arrive for line up at 10:00am.

The doors to Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall will open at 10:00am for guest seating.

Yes, there will be limited concessions available for guests to purchase on the concourse level. It will be a long day so it is recommended that graduates and guests eat breakfast prior to arrival.

No, please do not bring these items into Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall. If you are in possession of them you will be asked to take them back to your vehicle.

It is recommended that individuals refrain from bringing large bags unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. - diaper bags). Large bags will be subject to search.

The ceremony is estimated to be approximately 3 hours.

Yes, there will be flower sales on the concourse level. Net proceeds will benefit the Stockton University Women's Volleyball Team.

Yes, the bookstore will be on site with a selection of Stockton University items for purchase.

To be determined.

The ceremony is scheduled to end approximately 3 hours after the start. Making a reservations 3.5 to 4 hours after the start of the ceremony should be sufficient. However, please factor in time to exit the building, meet your loved ones, and reach your destination.

Yes, the live feed will be posted on the Commencement website the week of the ceremony.


To learn about participating in the Commencement Ceremony before completing degree requirements click here.

Graduation is the successful completion of all major requirements AND the awarding of a degree. At Stockton, students can graduate three times a year -- May, August, and December. Students must complete the online Graduation Application in order to begin the graduation process.

Commencement is the voluntary celebration that occurs once a year in May. Participation in the Commencement ceremony is not required and does not guarantee the awarding of a degree. 

Regalia & Diploma

Grad Finale
April 22 & 23, 2019
10:00am - 6:00pm
Campus Center Event Room

If you have had Federal Direct Loans while at Stockton please be sure you complete your EXIT counseling. You will not be permitted to pick up your cap and gown if you have not completed your EXIT counseling. If you are unsure, please contact Financial Aid at (609) 652-4203.

Yes, the individual picking up your regalia must know your Z-number, your height and weight. To determine the size of your gown, height and weight are used. If you have had Federal Direct Loans while at Stockton please be sure you complete your EXIT counseling. Cap and gown pickup will not be permitted if you have not completed your EXIT counseling. If you are unsure, please contact Financial Aid at (609) 652-4203. 

There is a replacement cost for lost caps and gowns. If you have lost your cap and gown please email commencement@stockton.edu.

Candidates for graduation who will be participating in commencement should pay careful attention to what Stockton deems appropriate and inappropriate commencement regalia. Please refer to the information below.

Required Regalia:

  • Black Gown
  • Black Mortarboard or Cap
  • Tassel
  • Hood
  • Shoes

Optional Regalia:

  • Latin Honors Cord, if earned, for Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Cum Laude
  • Veterans Cord, for student veterans
  • Stole or pin to signify membership in a Stockton-authorized group, i.e., sororities, EOF, a specific program, etc.

Inappropriate and unauthorized adornments:

  • Any cord other than those mentioned above
  • Any medallion
  • More than one stole
  • Any adornment that is not specific to the current commencement ceremony (e.g., candidates for the master’s or doctorate should not wear an honors cord they were awarded as an undergraduate)

Candidates who wish to show their creativity or excitement for graduating may decorate the top of their mortarboards; this is the only ornamentation that is permitted.

Only undergraduate degree candidates with Latin honors and/or program distinction will receive an official honor cord or tassel from their academic school when they arrive at check-in the day of the ceremony.

Questions pertaining to all other specialized regalia should be directed to your group's advisor, coach, program leader etc. 

Master's and Baccalaureate degree candidates may keep their cap, tassel, gown and hood. Faculty, staff and the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree candidates will need to return their rented gown and hood to the designated location after the ceremony. They may keep their cap and tassel.

No, diplomas will not be distributed the day of the ceremony. Diplomas for those students who are officially graduated, have met the application deadline and have no outstanding obligations to the University receive their diploma via postal mail about 8 to 10 weeks after the commencement ceremony. Please ensure Student Records has the correct mailing address on file.

Diplomas for all spring graduating students who complete all academic requirements and have no outstanding obligations to the University will receive their diploma via postal mail about 8 to 10 weeks after the commencement ceremony. Diplomas for fall and summer graduates are mailed about 8 to 10 weeks after degree completion. If you have questions about your diploma, please call the Office of the Registrar at 609.652.4235 for more information.  The Bachelor's diploma size is 8.5' x 11". The Masters and Doctoral diploma size is 11" x 14".

 An Official Transcript is a printed transcript that contains an official college seal, which can be used to verify your degree. Most commonly, Official Transcripts are used for employment purposes, applying to graduate school or transferring to another institution. An Unofficial Transcript can only be viewed and printed from the students online account and is primarily used for personal reasons.
 There is no cost for transcripts. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.


Six guest tickets are given to each graduate at Grad Finale. This number is determined by the estimated number of students marching in relation to the fire code limit for Boardwalk Hall.  Children and infants need a ticket, but due to the length of the ceremony and lack of stroller space, it is recommended that children under the age of three not attend. The ceremony can be viewed live via webstream the day of the ceremony.

Due to the high number of students who have applied for Academic Year 2017-18 graduation, we expect to be at maximum seating capacity at Boardwalk Hall. Therefore, no additional guest tickets will be available. The ceremony can be viewed via live web-stream from the Commencement website.

The commencement ceremony will be lived streamed to Dante Hall in Atlantic City. Individuals without guest tickets are welcome to view the ceremony there. Doors open at 10:00am.

It is imperative that guest tickets be safeguarded.  Replacements are only possible by emailing commencement@stockton.edu Should replacement tickets be required, an administrative fee of $60 will be charged to your account and original tickets will be rendered electronically invalid.

No, all seating will be general admission. It is recommended that groups arrive together if they would like to be seated together. Saving seats will not be permitted.

Should this occur, guests will be directed to the problem resolution area.  Please know, resolving this may require time and significantly delay your admittance to the ceremony.  No guests will be permitted access without an official ticket.