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Cannabis Studies

New Jersey is among the 29 states and the District of Columbia that currently have legal medical marijuana. In addition, 9 states also have legal recreational marijuana. As a result of the swift growth in medical and recreational marijuana and the impending debates regarding legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey, New Jersey residents may find the marijuana industry an attractive one to enter. 

This certificate was developed to address a growing demand by people interested in entering Cannabis industry, either as growers, or as medical cannabis providers, or as individuals involved with business and/or legal aspects of the industry. The following courses are designed to be entirely online and self-paced, and to provide an introduction to one of the most rapidly growing industries. The lecture series will be updated frequently, so the graduates will retain access to this class after graduation as a way of keeping abreast with the latest in the industry.

You may choose to take one or more courses individually to fit your needs. Click on the course description below to learn more about the course and to register. Introduction to Business is not offered as a separate course. You must register for the Cannabis Studies Certificate to gain access.

The Cannabis Studies Certificate is comprised of six (6) courses. 

  1. The Cannabis Industry: Understanding the Opportunities
  2. Cannabis Cultivation
  3. Cannabis Law
  4. Introduction to Research in Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis
  5. Topics in Cannabis
  6. Introduction to Business (Introduction to Business is only offered as part of the certificate)

Cost: $1,995*


*By registering for the Cannabis Studies Certificate as opposed to taking the courses individually, you are saving $599 (which includes the fee for the Introduction to Business).

Registration is open for individual courses. Click on the course description below to learn more about the course and to register. 

Course Descriptions & Individual Course Registration

This 7-module course introduces learners to the opportunities for employment in the cannabis industry: $499.00 


This course will provide information on basic cultivation practices and general knowledge of the cannabis plant including cultivation techniques, cannabis harvest, and cannabis drying and storage: $499.00 


This course will consider the ways in which federal, state, and local law regulates and structures the emerging cannabis industry: $499.00 


This course will focus on the use of medical marijuana to treat patients in New Jersey and beyond including the evolving political and medical landscape that has shaped legislation regarding medical marijuana: $499.00 


This video lecture series will provide insight from experts involved with all aspects of Cannabis cultivation and adjacent industries, offering a variety of perspectives. The certificate graduates will retain access to this class as it will be constantly updated with new material: $399.00 


The Introduction to Business course provides an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of starting and operating a business from the proper formation mechanisms and structures to effective management, operation and financial reporting. This course is only offered as part of the certificate program.


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