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ALL Cannabis Studies Certificate courses are online and self-paced. Every effort will be made to send login information within 7 days of your registration however it may take longer. Once you receive this information, you may begin the program.

New Jersey is now among the 15 states that have legal recreational marijuana. In addition, there are now 36 states and the District of Columbia that currently have legal medical marijuana. As a result of legalization you may find the marijuana industry an attractive one to enter. 

This certificate was developed to address a growing demand by people interested in entering Cannabis industry, either as growers, or as medical cannabis providers, or as individuals involved with business and/or legal aspects of the industry. The following courses are designed to be entirely online and self-paced, and to provide an introduction to one of the most rapidly growing industries. 

You can now customize your certificate by selecting 6 of the 10 courses offered. This allows you to build a certificate program that is compatible with your needs. All courses are also available on an individual basis.

The Cannabis Studies Certificate courses available are listed below. 

  • Environmental Issues and Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry
  • Social Justice and Cannabis 
  • Risk Management and Insurance for Cannabis Businesses 
  • The Cannabis Industry: Understanding the Opportunities
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Cannabis Law
  • Introduction to Research in Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis
  • Topics in Cannabis
  • Introduction to Business (This course is not cannabis specific.)
  • NRF Retail Industry Fundamentals (This is an industry valued credential) (This course is not cannabis specific.)

Cost: $1,995* 

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*The Cannabis Studies Certificate is priced at a reduced rate. 

Registration is open for individual courses. Click on the course description below to learn more about the course and to register. 

Course Descriptions & Individual Course Registration

This course was developed by Jack Palis, an industry leader in environmental business consulting and emerging issues. Palis developed this course to provide a better understanding as to why environmental issues and sustainability play a major role in the cannabis industry.


Topics Covered:
History and Evolution of Environmental Protection and Sustainability
Environmental Regulation in NJ and the United States
Environmental Issues for Starting and Operating a Cannabis Business
Management and Best Practices
Elements and Principles of Sustainability, Strategy
Forward Focus on Social, Generational, and Personal Interconnections

Price: $499.00 


Rob Mejia developed this course to provide a better understanding about why social justice is important within the cannabis industry. Discover ways that the industry can be fair, inclusive, and appreciate the different approaches that states are taking to implement social justice policy.

Topics Covered:
History of Cannabis
Race and Cannabis 
Criminal Justice Reform
Economic Opportunity
Environmental Policies for Different States 

Price: $399.00


Developed by industry professionals Karen Adamsbaum and Jack Palis, this course is intended for anyone planning, starting, growing, scaling, or working in a cannabis or related business.  Everyone in a company has a role to play in managing the business’ risks.

Topics Covered:
Risk management is and how is it utilized in business
The risk management process and the key elements 
How risk management applies to different activities and stages of a company’s growth and expansion
Options available to manage, control and transfer risk
Insurance options and how to get the most out of your policies
Loss event and how to file a claim
How to manage your insurance program

Price: $79.00


This 7-module course introduces learners to the opportunities for employment in the cannabis industry.

Topics Covered:
Cannabis Basics
Growing and Cultivation
Extraction and processing           
Retail and Medical Dispensary
Hospitality, Marketing, and Communications
Other opportunities and looking ahead

Price: $499.00


This course will provide information on basic cultivation practices and general knowledge of the cannabis plant including cultivation techniques, cannabis harvest, and cannabis drying and storage.

Topics Covered:
Seeds and Seedlings      
Vegetative growth
Clones and Cloning         
Cannabis Flowering
Before Harvest
Harvest and Drying
Grow Rooms

Price: $499.00


This course will consider the ways in which federal, state, and local law regulates and structures the emerging cannabis industry.

Topics Covered:
Constitutional Protections from Unreasonable Search and Seizure
CSA and the Legacy of the War on Drugs
The Federal System of government
Cannabis and Employment
Cannabis Banking and Taxation 280(e)
License Applications
Starting a Cannabis Business
Hemp: Federal and State Legalization
Cannabis Law in NJ
The New Jersey Criminal Laws and Legalized Cannabis
Cannabis and Energy

Price: $499.00


This course will focus on the use of medical marijuana to treat patients in New Jersey and beyond including the evolving political and medical landscape that has shaped legislation regarding medical marijuana.

Topics Covered:
Prevalence of Cannabis Use and Abuse
Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis
Pharmaceuticals and Research Challenges

Price: $499.00


This video lecture series will provide insight from experts involved with all aspects of Cannabis cultivation and adjacent industries, offering a variety of perspectives. The certificate graduates will retain access to this class as it will be constantly updated with new material.
Price: $399.00 


The Introduction to Business course provides an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of starting and operating a business from the proper formation mechanisms and structures to effective management, operation and financial reporting. (This course is not cannabis specific.)

Call Mariah Duffey at 609-626-3599 to register.

The NRF Retail Industry Fundamentals course focuses on customer service and the sales process. It will prepare you to take the NRF Retail Industry Fundamentals national certification exam which is included in the course. (This course is not cannabis specific.)

Call Mariah Duffey at 609-626-3599 to register.


Have you heard about CHRIS? CLICK HERE to read about the Cannabis & Hemp Research Initiative at Stockton. 


 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis Studies Minor courses are credit bearing. You must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at Stockton University to be considered for these courses.

The Cannabis Studies Certificate program is non-credit bearing. You may take the class if you are an adult learner looking to enhance your knowledge of the cannabis industry. 

Yes. the Cannabis Studies Certificate classes are online. They are not offered face-to-face.

Yes, the Cannabis Studies Certificate classes are self-paced. This means that you will be working through the program on your own and at your own pace.

You can take one or all of the classes within the Cannabis Studies Certificate program.

Anyone who is in or aspires to become a part of the cannabis industry, or anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of the industry.

No, financial aid will not cover the program. If you are interested in completing the program and are unable to pay for the certificate at one time, contact our office at

There is not an application process. You may register at anytime by clicking the register button. If you have questions, contact our office at

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After you complete the program you will receive an individual certificate of completion for each of the topics. You will also receive a certificate of completion for Cannabis Studies.

No, there is are no internships available with the Cannabis Studies Certificate.

The job market is strong and ever changing. Websites like are a good resource.

No. You do not need a degree to take the program.  It is recommended to have some experience with online platforms, but it is not essential.

We do not offer a payment plan. If you are interested in completing the program and are unable to pay for the certificate at one time, contact our office at

Once you receive your login credentials, you can start the program at any time.

You are provided 8 months to complete the program.


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