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Ed Marshall '92


 Ed Marshall


Ed Marshall

BA, Biology

Project Director, Upwards Bound Math Science

Outside of working for the Federal Government, I enjoy exercising, playing sports, reading, great food, good coffee (Café Bustelo), exploring, and I have a new found appreciation for traveling!

One challenge of libraries is making people aware of all the services they offer.



  1. How did your Stockton experience influence your life?

    When I first came to Stockton as a participant in the Educational Opportunity Fund Program, the motto was “Plant yourself where you can grow.” Stockton truly cultivated my growth into adulthood, maintaining and environment where individuals from all backgrounds could gain a sense of self-worth and value. My experience as a student leader allowed me to interact with faculty and administration, which translated into a set of soft skills that made me comfortable establishing relationships with those in positions that I aspire to. This has been invaluable in both my personal and professional life. My Stockton experience has played a significant role in my commitment to work in post-secondary access and retention over the last 25+ years.


  1. How did your experience within the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department impact your Stockton experience and career?


    I was biology major at Stockton, originally planning to attend medical school; however that pathway did not work out for me. Although Stockton is a small institution, I received and outstanding and diversified training in the life sciences, which allowed me to engage in a plan “B.” One of the most significant impacts in terms of my academic program was taking a physiology course with the pre-med advisor, which involved a research project assessing the influence of testosterone levels on aggression in rats. I absolutely loved the experience! Post-Stockton, I eventually obtained a master degree in Chemical and Life Sciences, and have spent a majority of my professional career supporting the success of students under-represented in the STEM career pipeline. The broad education at Stockton showed me that failure to pursue an MD didn’t mean the end of the world!


  1. Describe your favorite Stockton memory as a student. (Ex: favorite professors, classes, events, activities, etc.)

    I must admit that my membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., of Stockton’s Pi Xi Chapter will always serve as a sources of fond memories. My membership in the organization provided leadership opportunities, the building of social capital and mentorship by strong positive role models.  The late Stockton administrator Larry James, who was a member of the Fraternity and our advisor, had an especially impactful influence on my development into manhood.  Of special note were the parties that the Fraternity would throw in N—wing…..legendary! Till this day I remain very close with my chapter Brothers.


  1. Describe your top reason for staying connected and involved with Stockton and your fellow Ospreys.

    I feel a responsibility to be a part of the cultivation process that I benefited from as a student.  I recognize the importance of serving as a mentor and supporting the programs that had such a positive impact on me.  I serve on Stockton’s Foundation Board of Directors and am proud to support the mission to provide philanthropic leadership and oversight of raising, stewarding and distributing funds in support of Stockton and our current students. 


  1. What piece of advice would you pass onto the graduating class of Ospreys?

    Stockton has an outstanding career services office, so see them sooner rather than later to establish a realistic and achievable game plan for your professional success.


  1. Is there anything else you would like to share with Stockton and your fellow Ospreys? 

    “Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.”