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Presidential Tour - A Distinctive Vision - Embracing Stockton's Future

As we embrace the future of Stockton University, your commitment to our students and our mission remains a paramount need. The ideas that shape who we are as an institution will guide us forward into this new chapter in Stockton’s history. With your support, Stockton University and its students are positioned for an exceptionally bright future.

Now is the time for you to join us in nurturing Stockton’s distinctiveness and building our value as a great university. Whether you’re close to campus or living across the country, there are many opportunities for you to be part of the vision. These meaningful opportunities have a direct impact on the lives of students and the University community. Explore a few of the many ways for you to be informed, involved and invested in Stockton University:

  • Attend the Presidential Inauguration on September 23
  • Join the Stockton University Career Center Network
  • Provide internships for students
  • Hire graduates
  • Volunteer at events
  • Host a regional event
  • Participate in service projects
  • Share your story in University publications
  • Attend University events
  • Make a donation

However you choose to give back, know that you are enriching the Stockton experience for current and future generations. You have the unique opportunity to play an instrumental role in the growth and success of the University.

Join the Vision today!

Share how you would like to be part of Stockton’s distinctive vision. By providing this information, you are allowing the University to cater to your specific interests. Thank you for your invaluable support.

Join the Career Center Network

Volunteer at local & regional events

Speak on a panel or for a class

Serve your greater community