Why Support Stockton

There are many reasons why individuals chose to philanthropically support higher education and, more specifically, Stockton University. Whatever the reason, the impact is the same. Your decision to support Stockton University is not only an investment in the future of our students and our institution, but it is a vote of confidence in our collective future endeavors.

grad icon7 in 10 seniors who graduated from public and nonprofit colleges in the U.S. in 2013 had student loan debt.

coins iconIn New Jersey, of the Public 4-Year Institutions and Private Nonprofit 4-Year Institutions in 2013, the average debt of graduates was $28,318.

donation iconIn Giving Year 2016, 84% of full time Stockton undergraduates received Financial Aid.

holding coin iconThe in-state tuition for a New Jersey resident to attend Stockton is $24,586 per year.

cutting money iconIn Giving Year 2005, 37% of Stockton's Operating Budget was from Direct State Appropriations. In Giving Year 2016, that number had dropped to 12%.

tree iconStockton University's unique location is a 2,000-acre campus located within the environmentally protected Pinelands National Reserve.  

apple iconStockton University has the highest number of full-time faculty of New Jersey institutions with 304, 96% of who hold the highest degree in their field.

book iconStudent enrollment continues to increase with 7,854 undergraduates and 866 graduates, totaling 8,728 students.