Campus Committee on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

The Committee on Campus Diversity and Inclusive Excellence serves as an advisory body to the President to assist the university in meeting its commitment to campus diversity and inclusive excellence and the continuing transformation from a campus that believes in diversity to a campus that lives its commitment to diversity.  

Policy and Procedure

Current Committee Members

  • Guia Calicdan-Apostle, Associate Professor of Social Work, Co-chair
  • Valerie Hayes, Chief Officer for Diversity and Inclusion, Co-chair
  • Margot Alten, Professional Services Specialist 4 - Graphics
  • Meghan Casper,  Undergraduate 
  • Stacey Clapp, Director of Digital Engagement
  • Patricia W. Collins, Community Engagement Liaison & Adjunct Instructor
  • Jennifer Dunkle, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Laurie Dutton, Director Women's Gender & Sexuality Center
  • Rosheka Faulkner, Undergraduate Student
  • Maritza Jauregui, Associate Professor of Sustainability, Director 
  • Zornitsa Kalibatseva, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Shedia Laguer, Assistant Director of Student Development
  • Esther Lawrence, Assistant Dean, School of Business
  • Delores Mozelle-Wright, Education Program Assistant
  • Kameika Murphy, Assistant Professor of Atlantic History
  • Ariane Hutchins-Newman,  Asst. Dean, School of Health Sciences
  • Ekaterina Sedia, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Emmanuel Small, Assistant Professor of Business Studies Management
  • Tahreem Rajput, Undergraduate Student
  • Julie Shockley, Professional Services Specialist 3
  • Beverly Vaughn, Professor of Music
  • Cheryl Wilson, Assistant Supervisor 4, Adm


  • Diverse Spaces | Places, Convener - Open
  • Decolonizing the Curriculum | Kathy Sedia Convener 2019_20
  • Campus Climate (Formerly Diversity Benchmarking) | Zori Kalibatseva/Maritza Jauregui 2019_20
  • Diversity Branding | Communication, Convener Kameika Murphy 2019_20
  • Employee Affinity Networks | Guia Calicdan-Apostle, Convener 2019_20
  • Social Justice and Education | Guia Calicdan-Apostle, Convener 2019_20