License Intake

School of Education (J-201)

Please schedule an appointment at the link below:

License Intake Scheduling 

Please follow these steps -

  1. Answer our survey email

    1. This must be completed before we recommend you to NJDOE for certification.
  2. Complete your Application for Certification

    1. DO NOT SIGN your application 
    2. The application is a "Fillable PDF"Please TYPE your information on the application. 
    3.  Complete one application for each certification or endorsement. Do not put more than one certification on line #1 where it asks "Certificate Requested".

      - If you are applying for an Elementary Certification andMiddle School Endorsement, you would complete TWO (2) applications. 
    4. "Certification Requested" on line #1 of the application - Please choose from the following:
    5. PRINT your application once completed - DO NOT SIGN
    6. Certification Application
  3. Bring the following with you to License Intake

    1. Completed application/applications - NOT SIGNED
    2. Driver's License
    3. Payment of $200 for each additional certification. You do NOT pay for your initial certification.
      1. If you are applying for your initial certification only, (Elementary or K-12), there is NO fee.
      2. If you are applying for an Elementary Certification and (1) Middle School Endorsement, you would pay $200.
      3. If you are applying for an Elementary Certification and (2) Middle School Endorsements, you would pay $400.

(Bring a copy of your receipt if you paid by credit card) 



Checks and Credit Cards are accepted

Checks payable to: Stockton University

Credit Cards:  IMPORTANT - On the "Company Name" line, type:
                                                    School of Education - Certification
                                                    Click here to pay by credit card


Any questions or concerns, please contact:
Wendy Sage at or (609) 626-3584