Faculty Professional Development

School-wide definition of expenses for $1,200 in School Funds

These funds include any expenses that support your professional development in teaching and/or scholarship. Approved categories range from buying books, curricular supplies such as manipulatives or apps, software, and equipment, to a School- or externally-hosted or online workshop, symposium, and/or travel to a conference, (whether presenting or not), memberships and subscriptions, and/or TES/student-worker wages for research assistance. Our School-wide conversations and documents have finalized this definition.

Procedures for Accessing Funds

Before using your funds for travel, University policy requires that you request online approval PRIOR to registering/booking travel or making any purchases. Please gather all your PDF estimates of airfare, mileage, parking, lodging, meals, conference agenda, and log into the portal, then click the Chrome River link to request your travel in advance with uploaded estimates. No separate email request is needed - your Chrome River estimate is your request to use any portion of your funds for travel (see helpful overview of Chrome River here). Whenever you travel, please save ALL original receipts and boarding passes, and please allow PLENTY of time for several layers of approval when traveling internationally. The full travel page contains all that you need BEFORE you begin the travel process.

For all non-travel requests, send an email to the dean with a copy to the budget initiator, including the following information:

  • A brief description of the project for which you seek funding
  • State how your request will advance your professional development
  • A budget summary and attached published prices or quotes. If funding includes student or TES workers, remember to include hourly rate + 7.65% FICA in your budget estimates


To be eligible, you must be tenured or on tenure track or on a renewable NTTP contract.

School funds are available for every eligible faculty member in the School of Education. In addition, Junior faculty on tenure track years 1-5 receive a minimum of $1,400 beyond the $1,200. After April 15, unexpended funds are made available to faculty members on a case-by-case basis.

Additional funds and/or course releases are available at https://stockton.edu/research-sponsored-programs/internal-grants.html