Inclement Weather Decision Making

Forecasting of Weather:

Stockton University consults a variety of weather forecasting and products including subscription services, National Weather Service forecasts, alerts and emergency management briefings. Stockton University Emergency Management compiles the forecast data as well as information from various University departments and discusses with the Public Safety Advisory Committee to determine if weather conditions will affect campus activities.

Safety is Paramount:

The Stockton University Public Safety Advisory Committee, composed of representatives from the Division of Facilities & Operations, Information Technology Services, Campus Public Safety, University Relations and Marketing, and the President’s Office, evaluate expected weather conditions and the ability to maintain the campus in safe and passable condition. The Public Safety Advisory Committee will provide a recommendation to the President based on the forecast and the ability to maintain campus activities due to the weather conditions.

Varying Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions along the coastal plain of southern New Jersey can vary drastically within the region. With that in mind, the Public Safety Advisory Committee takes into consideration all of the commuters coming to campus. Safety of students, faculty and staff is paramount in determining the status of campus operations; however, safe conditions are often a subjective matter.

Your Options:

The University has made it a practice to hold classes during inclement weather whenever possible. It is the student’s decision, based on their assessment of the situation, whether or not to attend class and/or University activities. Students who choose not to attend class must contact their professors prior to class and make up any work assigned.

Notification of Closure or Delayed Opening:

The University uses a text alert system, email, University social media and the University website to notify students and employees when there is a delay or closure. The expectation should always be that the campuses are operating as normal, unless otherwise indicated.

For severe weather that compromises services or safety while classes are in session an announcement will be made as soon as possible; if overnight, an announcement will be made around 6 a.m. regarding the services to be provided for that day.

Sign up for text alerts on the Stockton portal:

Again, unless notified differently, the University will always be operating on a normal schedule.

Declaration of a State of Emergency:

On occasion, the Governor may declare a State of Emergency due to inclement weather. This may also include a declaration that State agencies and offices will not open or will close early due to inclement weather. Please note, the University does not open or close based on this declaration and uses the methods presented in this document to make the best decision for the University, UNLESS there is a state declaration that all roads in the state be clear of traffic.


Balancing weather conditions with scheduled classes, activities and events can be very difficult. We thank the University community for understanding the complexity of the situation and for being patient during inclement weather.