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Stockton University Emergency Medical Services is a student-run organization that provides emergency medical care to the students, faculty, and guests of Stockton University.

We operate as a branch of the Stockton University Office of Emergency Management. The squad is overseen by the Associate Direct of Campus Safety as well as additional professional staff who serve in an advisory capacity, while day-to-day operations are handled by the Captain, the Lieutenant, and two Sergeants. The executive board consists of all advisors, officers, and administrative assistants.

We are a volunteer squad and do not charge for medical care. More than half of our membership are NJ Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Most of these EMTs are also firefighters or run on ambulance squads back in their hometowns, so the care received by Stockton EMS EMTs is the same as you would expect if you dialed 911 at home. Stockton EMTs are partnered with CPR certified non-EMT members who staff university sporting events, events with large gatherings, and events that have a high chance of injuries. We also staff duty crews which will respond to medical emergencies on campus and stabilize the patient until a transport ambulance arrives on location to ensure that all patients receive care as soon as possible.


For all emergencies, call the Stockton Police Department at (609) 652-4390


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