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Stockton EMS has two application periods each year for those that would like to apply to be members; they take place in the Fall and Spring semesters. Each application period ends about four weeks into both semester at which point we begin interviews. Prospective members can submit an application at any point in the year, but we only go through the applications towards the end of those two application periods. All applicants that submit an application will receive an email with the executive board's decision regarding whether or not the executive board will be offering them an interview. 

Please click the button at the bottom of this page to be taken to the application to see the current application period and when the application period ends. All applications submitted after that date will be saved for the next application period. If you've already submitted an application, don't send additional applications unless we ask you to. If we don't reach out to you by the end of the application period, email us at

Unfortunately, we cannot accept EMTs who are seniors with fewer than 3 semesters remaining at Stockton or non-EMTs who are juniors or seniors with fewer than 5 semesters remaining at Stockton at the time of applying due to the fact that it takes a semester or longer for both the background check to clear and for new members to become trained in our organization's policies and practices.

We may not be able to offer interviews to every applicant if the applicant pool is particularly large due to the amount of time it could take to interview all applicants, so our interview and acceptance processes can be rather selective, but we still strongly encourage anyone who is interested and eligible to apply for membership and to include as much information about yourself in your application, so we can get to know you. After interviewing, you will be sent an email with your application decision within a week of interviewing.

Before you apply, use these sources to learn more about the organization and the requirements of members...

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