The members listed below were recommended by their fellow members to be recognized for their dedication to the organization and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to serve the Stockton community and help in the success of the organization. Holding a position on the Executive Board is not necessary to become an Alumni member.

For achieving this level of distinction, these members have been elected to an Alumnus membership by a majority vote of the membership body. Alumni members will hold this status for life even after graduation and/or resignation provided they remain in good standing with Stockton EMS and Stockton University. 

Each alumni member is welcome to send us a personal statement to be added to his or her information. Click on a member's name to see personal statements and more information about each member's time with Stockton EMS. 

This list is ordered chronologically. If you would like to recommend someone for recognition or to add information regarding a certain alumni member, please notify the executive board at 

Student Members

Founder of S.A.F.E.R./Stockton EMS

Member from F’11 to S’12

Captain from F’11 to S’12

Founder of S.A.F.E.R./Stockton EMS

Lieutenant in F’11


Personal Statement:

"Stockton S.A.F.E.R., now Stockton EMS, began in Spring in 2011 as a simple conversation in the old G-Wing food court. Two friends who used to ride on a first aid squad back home decided they wanted to have a first aid squad to be a part of on campus. It took some work but we were able to get it up and running by the next semester. It was a great experience and I'm proud to not only have been a part of its founding but of how it has grown and continued on as an organization. I wish all its members, current and future, the best as they keep Stockton EMS going."

Member from F’11 to F’12

Captain in F’12

Member from F’11 to S’13

Lieutenant from S’12 to F’12

Captain in S’13

Member from F’11 to S’14

Sergeant in F’12

Lieutenant in S’13

Captain from F’13 to S’14

Member from F’11 to F’14

Sergeant from F’12 to S’13

Lieutenant from F’13 to S’14

Captain in F’14

Field Training Officer in F'13

Sergeant from F'13 to S'14

Public Relations Officer in S’13

Sergeant in F’13

Member from F’13 to S’16

Sergeant in S’14

Lieutenant in F’14

Captain from S’15 to S’16

Member from F’13 to S’17

Sergeant in F’14

Lieutenant from S’15 to S’16

Captain from F’16 to S’17

Member from F’14 to F’16

Sergeant from F’15 to S’16

Lieutenant in F’16

Member from F'14 to S'18

Secretary from F'16 to S'18

Member from F'14-S'19

Sergeant from F'15-F'16

Lieutenant S'17

Captain from F'17-F'18

Member from F'16-S'20

Supply Sergeant from F'18-S'20

Member from S'16-S'20

Secretary from F'18-S'20

Member from F'16-S'20

Training Sergeant from F'18-S'19

Lieutenant from S'19-F'19

Captain from F'19-S'20

Member from F'15-F'20

Sergeant from F'16-S'17

Lieutenant from S'17-F'18

Captain from F'18-F'19

Member from F'17-F'20

Training Sergeant from F'19-F'19

Lieutenant from F'19-S'20

Captain from S'20-F'20

Faculty Advisers

Chief of Police from 2003-2014

Assisted Bobby Shipley and Shane Delorme in creating S.A.F.E.R./Stockton EMS and provided resources needed for the success of the organization in its early years.

Assistant Program Director from F’11 to F’15

Program Director from S’16 to F’16

Medical Coordinator in F’11

Assistant Director from S’12 to S’13

Medical Coordinator from S’12 to F’14

Program Director from F’13 to F’14

Faculty Adviser from S’13 to S'17

Program Director from S’15 to F’15

Operational Liaison from  S’14 to F’16

Program Adviser from F'17-S'19