Frequently Asked Questions

Stockton EMS is a volunteer, student-run, first responder EMS organization. We are a branch of Stockton University's Office of Emergency Management.

We provide emergency medical standbys for events on campus and duty crews during the weekend. Duty crews are times during which a Stockton EMS crew is stationed and on standby on campus to act as first responders to all emergency calls on campus. We are working towards 24/7 duty crews.

Stockton EMS requires all members to maintain a specific level of participation in order to remain in the organization. Each month, members must staff 3 shifts or 8 hours, whichever comes first. Typically, events will run 3 or 4 hours on average, and duty crews will run 5 hours, so meeting those requirements should not be too much of a hastle. 

When requested, Stockton EMS will provide coverage for events with roughly 50+ expected individuals and/or events that have a higher than average likelihood of an emergency occurring during the event, i.e., events with many people and/or with a higher likelihood of injury or illness. Stockton EMS does not charge any fee to cover events.

If you are unsure if your event is something that we would cover, please send an email to for more details.

If you would like to request Stockton EMS for your event, please make sure it meets the description in the question above. If it does, then you will be able to request our services.

For a student organization requesting event coverage, you will need to check off "Stockton EMS" or "EMS Coverage" on the "Check if needed" section of the "Request for Use of University Facilities for Student Sponsored Events" form. This is the form used to reserve a space for your events. If you have already turned this form into the Resource Room, you should either contact Event Services or ask for assistance in the Resource Room.

For other groups requesting Stockton EMS coverage, please contact Event Services and indicate that you would like Stockton EMS to cover your event.

Stockton EMS does not transport patients. We respond to calls on campus and treat the patient until Galloway Township Ambulance Squad arrives and transports the patient.

We currently do not have an ambulance. We borrow vehicles from Plant Operations in order to transport crews and respond to emergencies. 

All services provided by Stockton EMS are done at no cost to the patient. With that said, if the patient receives care or transportation from Galloway Township Ambulance Squad, fees may be incurred. 

We accept applications from both EMTs and non-EMTs; however, due to the orientation/integration process being longer than most clubs or organizations, we cannot accept applications from EMTs with fewer than 3 semesters remaining at Stockton or non-EMTs with fewer than 4 semesters remaining at Stockton at the time of applying. We can't accept every application, but we aim to accept everyone that we feel will be effective members. 

For the most part, we base our decision on one's certifications and experience; however, we do take one's interview results into account when making our decision, and that can be the deciding factor, so don't be discouraged from applying if you don't have experience or certifications.

The application can be found here on our website. Just fill out the application and wait for a response from the executive board about scheduling interviews. As stated above, not everyone that applies will get to the interview stage for logistical reasons. Generally, the interview sign-up process will begin a week before the application closes.
The application process is as follows: submit your application by the deadline. Interviews will begin the week after the deadline occurs. Once all interviews are completed, you will receive an email regarding whether you were accepted or rejected. If you are rejected, you can re-apply again however many times you would like.

We don't have an exact number of people that we have to accept each number. Each semester is different, but we usually accept roughly 15 members. That number may be higher if many members are graduating or if the organization is expanding it's operations. The number of new members we accept is always based on the needs and the resources of the organization.

Members choose their own schedules. An organizational schedule will be sent out at the start of the semester, and it will be continually updated as more events are requested by organizations. This schedule will include the duty crew and tabling schedule as well. Members will sign themselves up for whatever event or duty crew they would like to help staff.

Stockton EMS offers a great opportunity for leadership experience as well as hands-on patient contact. We offer opportunities for continuing education and networking with college EMS groups around the country through the NCEMSF conference.

Stockton EMS is a completely volunteer organization. None of our members are paid for their time. 

No. Stockton EMS members have the complete freedom to choose which shifts they will staff and which they will not staff as long as there is room left for them on their desired shifts. While members aren't forced to staff certain events or duty crews, they still must be able to meet their monthly participation requirement or 8 hours or 3 shifts.

An Event Standby is a type of shift during which members will be located at or near an event to be able to respond rapidly to medical emergencies at events. During Event Standbys, a crew may respond to emergency calls on campus. 

A Duty Crew is a type of shift during which members will be located at a designated area on campus to await any emergency calls on campus.