Use of Time and Attendance

Hours worked and eligible leave types may vary based on job and employee types.  This page serves as a resource for understanding and navigating those differences.

University Hours

University Policies Related to Hours Worked 

Inclement Weather Guidelines for non-essential employees

In instances where there is an inclement weather situation, non-essential employees may elect to utilize the appropriate leave time if they do not feel they can make it into work.  Appropriate leave is vacation, administrative leave, or comp.  Such leave time shall be liberally granted during inclement weather situations.

When the university closes for entire day and non-essential employees are not required to report to work, such employees will be paid for that day and will not be charged leave time for that day or portion of that day.  Non-essential employees on leave or had requested leave (pre-approved Vacation, Administrative Leave, Sick, FMLA, Furlough, Comp day, etc.), for all or part of the day, shall not have their leave re-credited or adjusted and will be charged with whatever leave time that was originally requested.  Non-essential employees who do report to work, or who work beyond the early release time (until their normal ending time), will not receive additional time off or payment of overtime unless specifically allowed under the employee's negotiations unit agreement.

In the event of a declared late opening, the University will announce what time the campus will be open.  Non-essential employees who have a start time prior to the late opening time will be allowed that additional time to arrive at work and shall report to work at the announced time.  If those non-essential employees who do not report to work that day, they will be charged a full day of appropriate leave time.  For non-essential employees who have a normal start time after the late opening time, they will not be afforded additional time to report to work and should report at their normal start time.

In the event of an early closing and release of non-essential employees, non-essential employees who did not report to work that day will be charged a full day of appropriate leave.

Accrual & Usage of Time by Employee Classification

Additional Time & Attendance Resources:

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