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We are interested in helping current employees take advantage of promotional and other career opportunities and grow their careers at Stockton University.  Please use the resources below to explore the options and avenues for growing your career with Stockton.

Employees are grouped in the following job classifications:

  • Managers are contractual employees that go through an annual evaluation process in order to be reappointed.
  • Unclassified staff are contractual employees who typically consist of faculty and professional staff whose tasks and responsibilities are predominately student-centered.
  • Classified staff are employees whose titles are governed by Civil Service Commission regulations.  These titles require a four-month working test or probationary period and are categorized as follows:
    • Non-competitive titles are titles in the career service where competitive testing is NOT required due to the nature of the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with the job or difficulties associated with recruiting.
    • Competitive titles are subject to a Civil Service examination process.

Stockton University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Higher Education Institution dedicated to achieving and maintaining a professional, highly trained and diverse staff. The Office of Human Resources uses the HireTouch talent management system to manage the recruitment and screening process.  Classified and Unclassified job vacancies are posted on and can be viewed through the HireTouch system.   

To access the HireTouch system use the following links:

Classified Positions
The New Jersey Department of Personnel certification procedures govern the course of recruiting for classified vacancies.  Interested eligible candidates from lateral and promotional lists generated within the University are considered first.  Any questions regarding the recruitment process for classified employment should be directed to Human Resources.

The New Jersey Civil Service Commission has resources for those applying for classified positions.

Unclassified positions
Unclassified vacancies are filled by initiating a search through online postings, applicant files, and advertisements.  Recruitment of unclassified staff is governed by procedures approved by the Board of Trustees.

Stockton University is a member of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC).  This consortium helps Stockton to find diverse and deep candidate pools.  The regional HERC website might be an additional resource for finding job opportunities in higher education.

Promotional Announcements - Click on the job title to view the announcement.

  • There are no promotional opportunities posted at this time - 12/21/2017

 A classified employee who receives an appointment to a higher competitive classified title must take a promotional examination before the appointment can be made permanent.  The appointment to the new position is provisional until the next exam is offered and the employee passes it.  In cases where the employee has successfully passed promotional examinations, and is already on an eligibility list, they can become permanent at the completion of their Working Test Period.

 1.  Classified Promotions

When an employee is promoted out of a classified career service title to an unclassified title, the employee relinquishes all rights and privileges of a classified employee, such as seniority within their title and bumping rights.  Although all health benefits remain unchanged, the Pension Program may require the employee to change from PERS (Public Employees Retirement Systems) to ABP (Alternate Benefit Plans) or sign a waiver to remain in PERS.

The supervisors or managers of both affected departments will be consulted to determine a reasonable timeframe for the transfer of a promoted employee.  It is standard procedure for a position transfer to occur within two weeks of the employee receiving the job offer.  However, exceptions for longer transfer periods are permitted.

2.  Non-Competitive Promotions

Non-Competitive promotions are open to anyone who meets the qualifications of the job specification.  There is no formal examination process. 

3.  Lateral Transfer

A lateral title change is the movement of a permanent employee from his or her permanent title to an equivalent title within the University.  If the nature of the work, education and experience requirements of both titles are substantially similar the employee will retain his or her permanent status.  Every effort will be made for a smooth transition within a reasonable amount of time.  Employees interested in lateral transfers should contact Sharon Hunt.

All employees interested in applying for Promotional Opportunities should log in to the HireTouch system to view full job descriptions and apply for positions.

A reclassification of position occurs when the duties and responsibilities of that position change so significantly that the current title is no longer appropriate. The reclassification may be upward, lateral or downward.  The employee through the supervisor and division head should initiate requests for reclassification.  A Position Classification Questionnaire (DPF-44)  must be completed and emailed to Human Resources via reclassification@stockton.edu along with an organizational chart and detailed narrative describing how the job responsibilities of the position have changed.  Once this is complete, it must be signed by the supervisor and Division Head and emailed to reclassification@stockton.edu.   Human Resources will conduct a job audit.    The following factors are taken into consideration before approval for reclass is given:  nature of work, additional responsibilities, complexity of work, supervision of others, knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position.  The employee will be contacted by a representative from Human Resources for a review of their position and an internal impact analysis will be conducted.

Once the audit/analysis is completed, a recommendation is forwarded to the Director of Human Resources for a decision.  The employee is notified of the determination.  Employees may appeal reclassification decisions by contacting the Department of Human Resources, which will forward the appeal to the New Jersey Department of Personnel. The reclassification of a classified position does not guarantee the incumbent to the position.  Staff members in the classified service whose positions have been reclassified to higher titles may be appointed provisionally in the new title and become subject to promotional and probationary procedures.  Details are available in the Human Resource Office. 

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