The entire HR and Payroll staffs stand at the ready to assist you with of your employment and payroll questions and needs. 

Thomas Chester

Thomas Chester, Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Operations & Payroll

Rahmaan Simpkins

Rahmaan Simpkins, Interim Assistant Vice President for Organizational Effectiveness & Ombuds Officer


Office of Human Resources Organizational Chart

Human Resources Operations Team

Karen Tierney

Karen Tierney, Associate Director of Human Resource Operations

Tristan Stoltzfus

Tristan Stoltzfus, Human Resources Generalist

609-652-4384, ext.5822
Dawn Channell

Dawn Channell, Administrative Support Staff

609-652-4384, x5819

Benefits & Pensions Team

Bart Musitano

Bart Musitano, Pensions & Benefits Manager

609-652-4384, ext. 4795
Johana de Jesus

Johana de Jesus, Pensions & Benefits Administrative Support & Certifying Officer

Joyce Kesel

Joyce Kesel, Administrative Support

609-652-4384, ext. 5813
Cynthia Frazier

Cynthia Frazier, Pensions & Benefits Support

609-652-4384 ext. 5821

Hiring, Recruitment, & Staffing Team

Sharon Hunt

Sharon Hunt, Recruitment Manager

609-652-4384, ext.5503
Pat Delaney

Pat Delaney, Administrative Support for Recruitment Manager

609-652-4384, x5915

Payroll / HRIS Teams

Joseph Marcello

Joseph Marcello, Payroll Manager

Jo-Anna Inferrera

Jo-Anna Inferrera, Administrator for HRIS, PMIS, and Banner

Anita Gras

Anita Gras, Payroll Support Staff

Diane Lamezec

Diane Lamezec, HRIS & Banner Support Staff

609-652-4384 ext. 5773
Linda McNeil

Linda McNeil, Payroll Support Staff

Melissa Makar

Melissa Makar, HRIS, PMIS, & Banner Support Staff

609-652-4384 ext. 5823
Thomas Morgenweck

Thomas Morgenweck, Payroll Support Staff

Heizel Prince

Heizel Prince, Payroll Support Staff


Training & Organizational Development

Christy Cunningham

Christy Cunningham, Associate Director for Training and Organizational Development