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School Membership & Services

The Southern Regional Institute and ETTC welcomes all school districts to join our successful consortium. The consortium brings together 81 public school districts, non-public and charter schools, not-for-profit and affiliate organizations from five counties across New Jersey. A school district can join our organization or utilize our services in several ways:

Class at the SRI ETTC

Become a member: Southern Regional Consortium members pay an annual per-student membership fee, and receive an annual allocation of ETTC Hours that can be used to register for almost all our workshops or for other related services requested by the district.  
The  ETTC Calendar lists all current workshops, and members often schedule additional workshops onsite to meet district in-service needs or to provide after-school professional development options for their staff. School district members enjoy other membership advantages as well.

To join the ETTC Consortium, please prepare a written request on school letterhead to the Southern Regional Institute & ETTC, Stockton University, Parkway Building, 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway, New Jersey 08205 requesting membership. Please include in your letter the number of enrolled students for the district. Membership is based on the number of students as of the October 15 ASSA on-roll PreK-12 count. This can be emailed to We will confirm your membership request and your teachers can begin registering for ETTC workshops almost immediately. If you join mid-year, your district will be billed immediately.  All member districts are renewed annually on July 1 and billed by Stockton University at that time.

Purchase training through ETTC Hours: Teachers from non-member school districts can register for the general calendar of ETTC workshops through the use of a purchase order, personal check, or credit card.  Districts may also purchase a block of ETTC Hours to be used for individual registrations or custom services. This can be requested online. Purchasing ETTC Hours is a cost-effective method for planning professional development in advance through the school year and is helpful for grant-writing and budgeting purposes as well.

Purchase custom training: School districts can contract with the ETTC for any of our workshop topics to be conducted onsite and to be customized to the technology, curriculum and scheduling needs of the district. School districts can purchase training ahead of time through a purchase order that includes the number of ETTC hours requested, with the understanding that training times and content will be scheduled later to meet the needs of the district and of the ETTC. Custom training time can be purchased online. These purchased hours do not expire for two years so there is sufficient time to plan and schedule programming.

To learn more about any of these options, or for a membership quote, email


Options for Non-profit and Local Government Organizations

The Southern Regional Institute and Educational Technology Training Center (SRI&ETTC) is a consortium of 81 public school districts, charter schools, non-public schools, not-for-profit, and affiliate organizations in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Ocean, Burlington and Camden counties administered by Stockton University. The SRI&ETTC provides professional development through a public calendar of workshops as well as custom onsite events, and one-on-one coach/mentoring. The SRI&ETTC also provides services in the preparation of grant applications, program evaluation services, strategic planning and curriculum support.

Please contact us for information about this membership option:

How do ETTC Hours work?
The SRI & ETTC provides several hundred workshops each year. Members can register for almost any workshop using ETTC Hours. In general, the cost for a full-day public calendar workshop for one person is 7 ETTC Hours. For customized training in a group setting, the cost is 9 ETTC Hours for every clock hour of training. Member organizations can request onsite ETTC training by using ETTC Hours and avoid the process of generating a separate Purchase Order, thus saving time and money. Workshops available at the SRI&ETTC facility are listed online on the public calendar page of our website.

Advantages of SRI&ETTC Membership:

  • Exciting Public Calendar workshops offered all year long for members.
  • Onsite customized professional development
  • No purchase orders needed for each additional workshop - use ETTC Hours instead
  • Cancellations and substitutions are easy
  • Registrations may be submitted online
  • Savings in transaction costs are tremendous.

How do you join?
Please send a letter on agency letterhead via mail (address shown below) or email ( indicating that your organization wishes to join the SRI&ETTC Consortium. Please include in your letter the number of employees. Membership is based on the number of employees in your organization or agency. 

If sending via mail, please send letter to:

ATTN: Barbara Hagerty
Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Dr.
Galloway, NJ 08205

Allocation of ETTC Hours is based on the following principles:

  1. Each district receives ETTC Hours in direct proportion to the number of students in the district as defined by the state's On-Roll ASSA count.
  2. Smaller districts receive sufficient hours so that a "critical mass" of staff can benefit from professional development.
    Districts can spend their ETTC Hours throughout the fiscal year.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hours(FAQ)

YES. The ETTC is an approved provider under the state's Professional Development Provider System (ID #229). As long as the workshop topic is relevant to a teacher's Professional Improvement Plan (PIP), time spent in ETTC training counts one-for-one towards the 100 hours requirement. Certificates are provided per session and cumulative transcripts are available on request.

YES. The Technology Proficiency Certificate is a statewide certificate available at Beginner and Intermediate levels. The Beginner certificate takes 40 hours to complete, and the Intermediate certificate takes 50 hours to complete. The Technology Integration in Math Science Education (TIMSE) certificate is a statewide certificate that takes 30 hours to complete. We offer all certificate workshops regularly. Statewide certificates are co-signed by NJ DOE upon completion.

ETTC Hours cover the registration cost of a workshop. Workshop descriptions list the number of ETTC Hours needed per person.

Almost all SRI&ETTC workshops will be made available for registration using ETTC Hours. The only exceptions will be the occasional advanced or special course.

Purchase ETTC Hours as needed! Districts can purchase additional hours in blocks of 50 Hours. Contact for a quote.  

No, your district must use up its annual allocation of ETTC Hours prior to June 30 every year. Contact us if your district is not able to use its ETTC Hours through our standard workshop offerings and special arrangements can be made for custom on-site workshops to meet your needs. Hours that are purchased in addition to the annual allocation do not expire for two years.

All individual registrations for public workshops are completed online. We will email a confirmation page weekly to your district's contact person for approval to utilize your district's ETTC Hours for registration fees or to request a Purchase Order.  

If possible, we encourage you to find someone else to attend the workshop in your place. The ETTC Cancellation Policy states that cancellations received between two weeks and 24 hours prior to the class date forfeit half the ETTC Hours or registration fee. Cancellations on the day of, or after the workshop, and no-shows forfeit the full ETTC Hours or registration fee.

Your district's staff members are the best judges of their professional development needs. Here, however, are some general suggestions to help your district maximize the impact of its ETTC Hours:

1. Plan them out - don't send just the beginners or just the experts. Your district will benefit most if your staff receives a variety of training experiences from the ETTC. Send us some of your most nervous beginners or hardened skeptics, as well as some of your ground-breakers and techno-enthusiasts.

2. Spread them out. Send teachers from a variety of grade levels and subjects to ensure that all levels of your district benefit from our professional development offerings. Our calendar varies through the year, and several special workshops are scheduled only during the summer months.

3. Keep track of them. The ETTC provides a password protected online system at so you can check on the usage of ETTC Hours and attendance records at any time. (Call ETTC if you need to retrieve your username and password information.) Districts that have coordinated the assignments of ETTC Hours in an organized manner have benefited the most from our training. 

4. Follow-up can be crucial. Once a staff member completes an ETTC workshop, he or she should have an easy regular way to share what they have learned with colleagues. Ask them to share materials or present a brief summary at the next staff meeting!