The MakerSpace at the SRI&ETTC provides opportunities to explore whatever ideas meet the needs of your classroom. Through Open Exploration Days and specified workshops, participants are able to learn more about:

  • Fabrication and the use of Cricut Design space and the Cricut Maker
  • Design Thinking
  • Cardboard and More (MakeDo and Rolodex)
  • 3D Printers, 3D Design, 3D Scanning Claymation, greenscreening and Digital Storytelling
  • Soft Circuits (eTextiles), paper circuits and
  • Makey Makey
  • Little Bits Circuits and Circuit Scribe
  • Drones
  • Programming and Hour of Code using Scratch, Tynker, Bitsbox, Bloxels, and more!
  • K’NEX
  • Legos and Cubelets modular robots
  • Ozobots Bits and Evo, Koov, Vorpal, and Root programmable Robots
  • Finch Robots and Lego Mindstorms EV3
  • Google Cardboard, Expeditions, and Virtual Reality in the Classroom

...And much more!

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Cardboard Jaws

Paper Makerspaces 2

Cardboard Engineering in Your MakerSpace 

Bring Your Own Cardboard (BYOC) and practice attachment techniques for any budget! There are so many ways to move your students through the engineering design process as they learn how to cut and connect cardboard using simple tools found in most classrooms. Walk away with ideas for your students, an attachment poster, and a self-created project. Target Audience: Grades 2-8. 




Paper Engineering in Your MakerSpace 


Working in a Makerspace

MakerSpace - Open Exploration

Want to know how to create or expand your own spaces? Are you on a tight budget? This workshop will provide a hands-on, interactive maker’s environment for attendees to explore some of the new digital, high tech, and low-tech fabrication tools used in schools. Participants will leave full of ideas for affordable spaces AND curricular connections in all areas: Arts, STEM, Humanities, and Languages.

In these open sessions, participants will have the opportunity to explore whatever ideas meet the needs of your classroom.  Audience: All K-12 Educators.

Makerspace work

MakerSpace - Simple Design Challenges

Audience: All K-12 Educators.


MakerSpace with Micro:Bits


3D Printer

MakerSpace with 3D Printing

Audience: Educators, Grades 3-12.


Circut 1

Circut 2

Circut 3

MakerSpace with Cricut

  1. Personalize and label student spaces and materials

  2. Sensory paths and directional signage

  3. Centers

  4. Bulletin boards/teaching aides/content boards

  5. Sight words and vocabulary

  6. Classroom norms and reward charts

  7. Makerspace projects that students get to take home

  8. Three-dimensional shapes for geometry nets

  9. Upcycle existing materials

  10. Student-created props for school plays

  11. Enhance creativity in art projects

  12. Make items for fundraising and more

Cricut® works with a variety of materials, such as vinyl, felt, and cardstock. Workshop participants will learn how to setup and connect the Cricut®, learn how to use the Design Space® software, and learn how to utilize the Cricut® resources to organize and engage within the learning environment. Audience: Educators, Grades K-12.


Programmable Robots

MakerSpace with Programmable Robots

Spend a day with our Robots! In this workshop participants will gain powerful knowledge in STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math). Participants can experiment with robots like Ozobots, Lego Mindstorms EV3, Finches and Ollies. These robots are machines that can do three things: sense, act and think. Robots are now accessible for students of all ages and abilities and are an engaging classroom tool to support STEAM. Participants will have the opportunity to develop ideas to engage students with robots that students can either build themselves or transform with maker materials. Audience: Educators, Grades 3-12.


Electrical Engineering

MakerSpace with Electrical Engineering - Sewable and Paper Circuits


Little Bits

MakerSpace with Little Bits

Audience: All K-12 Educators.