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The Dean C. and Zoe S. Pappas Center for Hellenic Studies, originally established by the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture (AFGLC) as the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies, is housed in the School of Arts and Humanities.

With six endowed professorships, the Center’s focus includes the disciplines of Greek language and literature, history and culture, classical archaeology, art history, philosophy, politics, anthropology and Byzantine civilization and religion. Scholarly and artistic activities emphasize the diachronic range of Hellenism, and promote student enrichment through travel and university exchanges in Greece and Cyprus. 

Each ICHS funded by the AFGLC consists of named professorships in five core areas. Currently, these professorships include:

Greek Language & Literature
The Peter and Stella Yiannos Professorship in Greek Language and Literature held by Dr. David Roessel

History of Modern Hellenism
Constantinos and Georgiean Georgiou Professorship in Greek History:
Dr. Tom Papademetriou

Greek Culture
The AFGLC Professorship in Greek Culture (Dr. Katherine Panagakos)

Ancient Greek Philosophy
The Petros and Despoina Tsantes family Professorship in Greek Philosophy (In memory of Katerina H. Batouyios)
Dr. Lucio Privitello
Byzantine Civilization and Religion
The Clement and Helen Pappas Professorship in Byzantine Civilization and Religion (funded by the Pappas Family in memory of their parents)
Dr. Edward Siencienski

Assistant Professor of Art History and Archaeology (Studies in the Visual Arts)
Dr. Amy Papalexandrou


Tom Papademetriou, Ph.D.

Tom Papademetriou, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies; Professor of History

 609-626-6093 |  E-213
Amy Papalexandrou, Ph.D.

Amy Papalexandrou, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art History

609-652-4331 | AS-237
Katherine Panagakos, Ph.D.

Katherine Panagakos, Ph.D., Classics Honor Society Advisor and Co-Advisor of Hellenic Heritage Society; Assistant Professor of Latin

609-652-4618 | K-153
Lucio Privitello, Ph.D.

Lucio Privitello, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion

609-652-4630 | K-161
David Roessel

David Roessel, Professor of Greek Language & Literature

609-652-4474 | H-202g
A. Edward Siecienski, Ph.D.

A. Edward Siecienski, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religion

609-626-6859 | K-122