Office & Staff Information

We welcome all currently enrolled and potential Stockton students to our Center for Academic Advising. Our office staff meets with prospective students to discuss our curriculum and transfer credit issues. Our office also advises students at Stockton who have not yet chosen a major as well as students on academic probation. If you need assistance with only a quick answer to a question, you may drop into the Center for Academic Advising. If your question requires more time than this, please make an appointment instead. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 609-652-4504 or choose the 'More Information' button below your advisor. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about your academic future at Stockton.

Galloway Main Campus  
Fall/Spring Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday
Summer Hours
8:00am - 5:15pm Monday - Friday
Location: Campus Center Suite 242
Phone: (609) 652-4504
Fax: (609) 626-3480
Atlantic City Campus 
Fall/Spring Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Wednesday & Thursday
Location: Academic Building 318 G 
Looking to make an appointment to meet with an advisor on the Atlantic City Campus?
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Peter Hagen

Peter Hagen, Director

(609) 652-4504 |  Campus Center Suite 242
Paula Dollarhide

Paula Dollarhide, Associate Director

(609) 652-4504 | Campus Center Suite 242
Emma Kluesner

Emma Kluesner, Assistant Director

(609) 652-4504 | Campus Center Suite 242
Cynthia McCloskey

Cynthia McCloskey, Associate Director of Academic Advising for Health Sciences

(609) 652-4504 | Campus Center Suite 242
Richard Trama

Richard Trama, Assistant Director

(609) 652-4504 | Campus Center Suite 242
Brittany Jenniss

Brittany Jenniss, Assistant Director

(609) 652-4504 | Campus Center Suite 242
Kate Spalding, Ed.D. (Juliani)

Kate Spalding, Ed.D. (Juliani), Education Counselor & Services Specialist

(609) 652-4504 | Campus Center Suite 242
Lorraine O'Flaherty

Lorraine O'Flaherty, Honors, Program Assistant

(609) 652-4504 | Campus Center Suite 242