Placement Testing at Stockton University

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Placement testing is a valuable resource that ensures proper course placement for incoming students. Stockton utilizes College Board's Accuplacer testing platform. Additional information can be found below.

Do I need to take a placement test?


  • You must complete placement testing for math, reading, and writing
  • You will be placed in a reading and writing course based on your scores.
  • If your Math SAT score was 570 or above, or your Math ACT score was 24 or higher, you are exempt from math placement testing.
  • If your Math SAT score was 560 or below, or your math ACT score was 23 or lower, you must complete math placement testing.
Transfer students

You will not be subject to placement testing. Transfer students with more than 16 credits are not required to take Accuplacer.

Typically, transfer students with more than 16 credits are not subject to placement testing.

However, students hoping to transfer into a math or science program who have not yet completed an algebra course at the college level will be given a chance to test out of algebra by way of Accuplacer's Advanced Algebra and Functions test.

These students will be informed of this option via email. This test is voluntary. If you are notified and choose not to take this test, you will be placed into Stockton's highest algebra course.

For more information on testing out of algebra and the Advanced Algebra and Functions test, view our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Can I be exempt from placement testing?

Yes, there are several scenarios, listed below, in which you can be exempt from placement testing.

  • If you received a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC exams you are exempt from placement testing.
  • If you received a score of 3, 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics test you are exempt from placement testing.
  • Please note that all AP scores must be submitted to Stockton University to be exempt from placement testing.
  • View credit awards for AP exams
  • If you have dual high school credits, you MAY be exempt from placement testing. You must submit the transcript(s) to Stockton University from the college or university that provided the dual high school course to determine if you are exempt from placement testing.
  • If you have credits from another college or university, you MAY be exempt from placement testing. You must submit your transcript(s) to Stockton University from any institution that you have attended to determine if you are exempt from placement testing.
  • If you have previously taken an Accuplacer test at another institution, it may apply to your course placement at Stockton.

    You will need to contact the institution which administered your Accuplacer test(s) to arrange a digital copy of your individual score report(s) be sent to via email to Stockton University's Testing Services account below.

    You may also request a paper copy be sent in a sealed envelope to the Center for Academic Advising.

Do I need to come to Stockton for placement testing?

You are not required to take Accuplacer at Stockton. College Board’s Accuplacer tests are universal, meaning the test questions do not vary at each institution. They are utilized by many colleges and universities throughout New Jersey.

Taking the Accuplacer at Stockton is free of cost. Other locations will likely charge a proctoring fee which will vary depending on the institution. Testing dates and times at each institution will vary. Stockton does not arrange student appointments with other testing centers. Contact your preferred location to schedule an appointment.

To arrange a test voucher, contact Stockton University's Testing Services via the email account below. Please include your name, student ID number (Z Number), and the location in which you would like to complete your testing.

In the table below, you can find a list of in-state institutions capable of administering your required Accuplacer test(s).

Approved Voucher Locations

Institution Name

Site Name


County College of Morris

CCM - Randolph


Essex County College



Union County College



Raritan Valley Community College



Brookdale Community College

Brookdale CC Lincroft


Mercer County Community College

Mercer County Community College Academic Testing Center

West Windsor

Salem Community College

Salem CSC Testing

Carneys Point

Rowan College at Burlington County

RCBC Campus - Mt. Laurel Campus

Mt. Laurel

Rowan College at Gloucester County

Rowan College at Gloucester County Testing


Ocean County College

Ocean County College Main Campus

Toms River

Frequently Asked Questions

Accuplacer is an online, interactive test module developed by College Board. It gauges a student’s grasp of a particular subject at the time the test is taken.

Stockton University uses Accuplacer in combination with SAT/ACT scores to provide more timely and accurate information to inform math placement. Our goal is to place students in math courses most appropriate for their skill level.

Excuse letters will be available to any student who may need to take time off from school to complete their placement test. Ask your test administrator for details.

Accuplacer tests are untimed and consist of twenty multiple choice questions. The amount of time needed to complete testing varies on a student-to-student basis. On average, students complete their testing sessions in about 45 minutes.

You are not permitted to use a calculator for Accuplacer testing. However, some questions will have an interactive calculator available within the testing module. Scrap paper and pencils will be provided for your testing session(s).

Your test score(s) will be generated immediately upon completion of your session. 

For more information, please visit our course placement page using the link below.

Course placement at Stockton

Yes, an additional test, known as the Advanced Algebra and Functions Accuplacer, is offered to students desiring to enter a major program from the chart below. 

Health Sciences



Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Computer Science/Information Systems

Environmental Science

Marine Science

Applied Physics



Exercise Science


To qualify for this test, students must first successfully place into Algebraic Problem Solving/Intermediate Algebra on the initial Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics Accuplacer. This additional testing is adminstered directly after completion of the first Accuplacer. Students may use the restroom between testing sessions.

NOTE: The Advanced Algebra and Functions Accuplacer is administered only to students seeking placement into a program listed in the previous chart.

Some options that an advisor might recommend are:

  • Take a college-level Algebra course at a regionally accredited community college over the summer to fulfill the necessary Algebra prerequisite for MATH 1100 - Precalculus Mathematics.
  • Begin as an “Undecided” major in your first semester, complete the prerequisites for Precalculus Mathematics (MATH 1100), and then declare your desired major upon completion.

Test scores are only one criterion for admission into Stockton's Prelicensure BSN program. Getting the required Advanced Algebra and Functions Accuplacer score does not equate to acceptance into the Nursing program.

You will need to speak with an Academic Advisor after testing. An appointment is recommended. For additional information regarding Stockton's Prelicensure BSN program, visit their web page linked here.

Students that are interested in the Accelerated Nursing Program must have a conferred Bachelor's Degree with all required science courses. See the Accelerated Nursing page for admission criteria. There is not an internal transfer program for the 4-year prelicensure Nursing Program.

The Accuplacer is an adaptive test which means the computer will automatically decide the next question to give you based on your responses to previous questions. This enables the computer to find the individual level of difficulty that is correct for you. Because of the adaptability, you cannot omit any questions or come back to change an answer later. The question is not timed, so you can think about each question thoroughly. If you do not know an answer to a question, try to eliminate one or more answers and make an educated guess to the correct answer.

The links below will direct you to College Board’s study material for their Accuplacer tests.

Students applying to Stockton as test-optional (not submitting SAT and/or ACT scores) will need to complete Accuplacer for placement in both reading and writing. Students who have submitted SAT/ACT scores will not be subject to placement testing in either of these areas. Test-optional students can prepare for the reading and writing Accuplacer tests using the links below.

Additional study material can be found in the links below.

If you do not achieve the necessary score to get into your desired major program or have additional inquiries, contact Stockton University's Testing Services via email linked here.

Where is placement testing located at Stockton?

Accuplacer testing is administered in the Academic Building located on Stockton’s Galloway Township campus. The room will vary depending upon computer lab availability. View the information below for test location(s).

October 1st through 31st: F-Wing 210

How can I schedule an Accuplacer test at Stockton?

Placement testing can be scheduled using the link below.

Available Dates