Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that students frequently ask concerning their academic. We have provided quick answers to these common questions. More detailed information is on our academic information pages.

If you have any further concerns, you may e-mail the Center for Academic Advising by clicking here. Please include student's full name and Z number in the subject line of your email. Please allow 3 business days for replies.We are always here to help by calling (609)-652-4504 during regular office hours, or make an appointment.

For a B.A. degree, a student needs a minimum of 64 (+/- 2) credits in Program/Cognate courses and 64 (+/-2) credits in General Studies and At-Some-Distance courses. For a B.S. degree, a student needs a minimum of 80 Program/Cognate credits (+/-2) and 48 General Studies/At-Some-Distance (+/-2) credits.
All students must complete a minimum of 128 credits to graduate, with a cumulative GPA of no less than 2.0.

To request an exception to the General Studies requirements, including the quantitative reasoning, the writing, or the general education outcomes requirement, submit an email explaining the request to Dr. Robert.Gregg, Dean of General Studies at Please make sure that all of your contact information is included.

Substitutions to program requirements can be made only if your preceptor, in consultation with the faculty in your program, approves them in writing though a process called a Degree Works adjustment.

All incoming students with fewer than 16 credits must complete a First-Year Seminar. First-Year Seminars can be recognized in the online course catalog by their course number which will always begin with "10" (e.g., GAH 1024, GEN 1011)

Students need to take only 12 credits to be considered full-time. Students who drop below 12 credit hours may be in danger of losing their health insurance, car insurance, or student housing.

Generally speaking, you should declare your major before the end of your sophomore year. 

All major and minor changes/declarations must be submitted digitally. To make a request, log in to your Go Stockton portal. Access your Student Services tab > Student Tools > Change of Major/Minor. Students interested in Dance (audition required), Dual Degree MBA, Dual Degree CRIM, and some health-related concentrations are subject to review by that department. You cannot declare Nursing or the above on this form (must be accepted as a first-year student by the Nursing Admissions Board).

When you change your major, Advising will change your preceptor to someone in your new major who can advise you more readily on program-specific requirements.

Your preceptor is your faculty advisor, and is generally someone who teaches in your major or a closely aligned discipline. You are assigned a preceptor when you matriculate at Stockton.  Undecided students are also assigned a faculty member or an advisor in the Center for Academic Advising.

If you change your major, we will assign a new preceptor in that major.  If you  meet a faculty member that you would rather have as a preceptor, please ask that faculty member to accept you as their preceptee.  That faculty member will then submit your name through their faculty tab in the portal to accept you as their new preceptee.  Always provide your Z number to that faculty member so the process can be completed. We are no longer using paper change of preceptor forms.

All students are encouraged to meet with their preceptors on a regular basis. Two Preceptorial Advising Days are set aside each semester for this purpose, although you may arrange to meet with your preceptor at any mutually convenient time. Early and thoughtful planning with your preceptor can save frustration and costly mistakes down the road.

A "hold 26" is a probation hold; all students with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 must meet with an advisor in the Center for Academic Advising to have this hold removed.

A "hold 27" is a precepting hold; you must meet with your preceptor or find a new preceptor and meet with him or her for this hold to be removed.

Courses may be added on a "space available" basis during the first week of each semester, by logging on to your portal, and selecting the "drop/add" function under your Student Services tab. Every semester the deadlines for drop/add are posted in the Academic Calendar.
A late withdrawal is possible only in extenuating, documentable circumstances (e.g., serious illness, accident, family crises, etc.). The appeal for a late withdrawal goes through the Office of the Provost. For more information about late withdrawal, please click here
Students seeking a grade change should contact the course instructor directly. If the instructor agrees that a change is appropriate, the instructor can put in a grade change.
Students wishing to take courses elsewhere must obtain the appropriate permission form from the Center for Academic Advising. The form must be signed by your preceptor, the appropriate program chair, and the Center for Academic Advising. A maximum of 64 credits can transfer from a community college. Between 2 and 4-year schools a maximum of 96 can transfer.  Permission will not be granted to repeat a course at another institution if a grade lower than a C for that class was earned at Stockton.
Students wishing to enroll in more than 21 credits per semester (8 per summer session) must obtain an overload form from the Office of Student Records, Campus Center 203. This form must be signed by your preceptor and the Center for Academic Advising. Only students with a 3.0 overall GPA are eligible to take an overload.
You may take a semester off without filing any forms. If you plan to take two or more consecutive semesters off, you must apply for a Leave of Absence with the Office of Student Records, Campus Center 203. The Leave of Absence is valid for up to one year. If you wish to extend it, you must contact the Office of Student Records. Failure to do so will necessitate reapplying to Stockton as an "incoming" student.
The Writing Skills Center is located in J-105. Their phone number is 652-4441. The Math Skills Center is in J-108. Their number is 652-4879. Also, speak with your course instructor, who may be able to refer you to a tutor.
The Counseling Center offers personal counseling, and help with decision-making skills and test anxiety. The Center is located in J-204.  Call 652-4722  for an appointment
The Learning Access Program helps you through this process. Learning Access is located in J-204. Call 652-4722 for an appointment.


If you do not see your question listed, you may email us your questions at, or call 609-652-4504.