Provost’s Professional Development Award in Faculty Precepting


In May 2011 Stockton College awarded the first ever "Provost's Research and Professional Development Award in Academic Advising." In fact, two awards were given out to faculty members who have included research and professional development in their agendas. Since its inception, nine faculty members have received awards to raise the level of discourse about advising at Stockton.

The 2017 Provost's Research and Professional Development award is granted to Stacey Culleny, School of Education. Her proposal, "Tracking Career Readiness in K-12 Teaching, Part II," is a project that advises student teachers, tracking proficiencies in the classroom and ultimately incorporating portfolio development. Several faculty members are involved in this outreach to student teachers. Congratulations to Dr. Culleny and her team.

The 2018 Provost's Research and Professional Development Award in Academic Advising details are available now.  Proposals for the 2018 award will be due to Paula Dollarhide no later than January 12, 2018.  Email the application or any further questions directly to her at

Award details

Application form (fillable pdf)

Examples of possible projects include:

  • Request for time for research/professional development in advising. Support for time provided through a summer stipend or overload.
  • Presentation at National Academic Advising Association conference or some other advising conference. Request support for travel and conference fees. (Presentation can be pending).
  • Development of tools, methods of delivery, assessment measures, such as e-portfolios and/or training in their use. Request might include support for special software or technologies.
  • Attendance at at National Academic Advising Association institute for assessment, research, or summer institute to develop a campus initiative for advising (please see award details link).
  • Development of a one-day precepting conference at Stockton.  Request for funding for stipends for attendees, food costs, keynote speaker and printed materials.
  • Research project regarding academic advising. Request might be for resources, and/or overload.

History of winners:

2011: Keith Williams (PSYC), "Comparative perceptions of academic and social support, faculty mentoring experiences, and advising needs of honors level and non-honors level psychology majors."
2011: Mark Berg (PSYC),"Web-based syllabus with embedded introductory video development program for 10 faculty participants."
2012: Donna Albano (HTMS), "Understanding the Relationship between Self-Directed Learning and Advising Business Students."
2013: Joseph Lema (HTMS), "Facilitating Self-Direction in Precepting at Stockton."
2014: Evonne Kruger (BUSN) and Diane Holtzman (BUSN): "Use of E-Portfolios in Advising Management Skills Students."
2015: Christine Gayda-Chelder (SOBL), "Weaving Wellness into Academic Advising and Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Success."
2016:  Meg White (EDUC) "Moving Beyond Course Grades and GPA to Measure Competency"
2017:  Stacey Culleny, (EDUC) "Moving Beyond Course Grades and GPA to Measure Competency, Part II"

We hope you will consider making an application.