B.F.A. in Visual Arts

Student in Painting Class

Student in Painting Class

Students in Printmaking Class

Students in Printmaking Class

Student showcasing their photography work

Student showcasing their photography work

The Bachelor of Fine Art Degree (BFA) is offered through the Visual Arts Program. While completing the Core Curriculum, students select a BFA concentration in Illustration, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Visual Communications (graphic design).

The BFA offers depth in a discipline, more intense studio experience, the knowledge and technical skill set fundamental to chosen disciplines, and preparation for a career in the visual arts. In the two-semester capstone (Senior Project I and II) courses, faculty work closely with individual students toward the acquisition of advanced problem-solving skills and a personal execution of theory and techniques. The BFA culminates in a Senior Project Thesis Exhibition in the Stockton Art Gallery.

Painting (VPTG) is one of our BFA in General Studio Arts concentrations. Painting has been around since Paleolithic times and continues to reinvent itself.

Technical skill is developed through realism, the representation of convincing forms in light and space, via proficient color-mixing and atmospheric perspective. Abstraction investigates the expressive potential of formal means, and the personal process of composing an image. Invention is developed in imaginative, conceptual and self-directed projects.

  • Developing a personal, life-enriching vocation, though a career exhibiting and selling paintings (landscapes, abstractions, portraits, murals, etc.) is always possible.
  • Problem-solving aspects involving imagination an experimentation, and project development and analysis are creative and critical thinking skills applicable to many occupations.
  • Continue on to graduate school, pursue careers in teaching, illustration, graphic design, galleries and museums, arts management, and a variety of other fields.

Illustration is one of our BFA in General Studio Arts concentrations. It is about the creation of images in order to tell a story. Illustration incorporates both representation and design.

  • Bridges the disciplines of graphic design, painting, photography, and computer graphics.
  • Draw attention, tell a story, and convey information with traditional and digital media.
  • Illustrators often work as freelance entrepreneurs or utilize illustration approaches to imagery in combination with design and typography in advertising, publishing, and digital media.

Photography is one of our BFA in General Studio Arts concentrations. It involves a wide range of issues and technologies related to photographic practice.

The photography concentration emphasizes the use camera based images (analog and digital), light sensitive materials and problem solving skills as an expression of ideas or concepts. Students work with both analog and digital image-making processes as a means of understanding the history and contemporary practice of the medium. The darkroom and the computer labs provide complementary tools for practical and creative problem solving.

  • Prepares artists for nearly every aspect of the creative industries including opportunities with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, news media, advertising, museums, galleries, and more.
  • Career choices include graduate study; periodicals; large media producing companies; independent professional photographer; K-12 teaching (with certification) as well as college level teaching (with graduate study and professional record).

Printmaking is one of our BFA in General Studio Arts concentrations. It is about the creation of works of art using various multiple-image processes that usually involve ink on paper.

Printmaking techniques include intaglio, lithography, linocut, monotype, relief printing, and woodcut. Building on knowledge learned in drawing and two-dimensional design, printmaking students learn how to mix inks, work on a press, and about different types of paper, etc.

  • Emphasizes the formulation of an individual artistic voice and involves students in a variety of techniques.
  • Sets a solid foundation for nearly any arts area. Printmaking majors have gone on in a variety of careers, including teaching, graphic design, and arts management.

Visual Communications (Graphic Design) is one of our BFA in General Studio Arts concentrations. It is about the presentation of information through visual means.

The graphic design profession plans and creates the visual means to communicate a particular message to a particular audience and context. Graphic Designers design things people read, whether including words, signs, symbols, and imagery, or any combination of those which interprets, informs or persuades. Graphic Design utilizes typography, illustration, photography, and computer graphics.

  • Acquire the technical, conceptual, and theoretical skills needed for entry-level positions in the field, for continued professional advancement, and for more specialized studies in graduate school.
  • Stockton VCOM majors have gone on to careers in advertising and marketing agencies, design studios, in-house design departments in corporations and other institutions, publishing, and packaging.

Sculpture is one of our BFA in General Studio Arts concentrations. It is about the creation of art in three-dimensional space. While sculpture includes traditional techniques like modeling and carving, and traditional materials like clay and stone, it can also involve almost any process, and be almost anything.

  • Sculpture is an excellent starting point for careers in special effects, animation, the toy design, industrial design, furniture design, interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, and commercial fabrication.

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